Anglicans Reach A Compromise!

It’s a miracle! Wrapping up their meeting in Tanzania, Anglican officials of the 77 million-strong church have agreed to allow America’s Episcopal Churches to welcome gays into the international communion.

The seven-page report, penned by Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, allows American churches to include gays, but has barred them from installing any more gay bishop a la Gene Robinson. In addition, the conclusive paper derided Nigeria’s Archbishop Peter Akinola for sticking his nose in America’s business and snatching away a number of Churches. Of the decision, Pro-gay British Bishop Colin Coward said:

We are very pleased and delighted… The archbishops have come up with a surprisingly realistic assessment of the reality of life in the communion for gay and lesbian people.

Conservatives, meanwhile, were none-too-pleased. American theologian Dr. Kendall Harmon griped, “It’s a really poor report. It is shocking that a report like this could have been written at this stage. It’s way too soft.” Boo-hoo.

(PS: The white horse and first line are a vague pop culture reference. Anyone know what it is? Here’s a hint, the writer/director’s initials are MB and they never made a sequel – may be a tough one for the youngsters, but you old queens have to know this movie. We’ll reveal the answer later.)

[Update: Some astute readers pointed out that the meeting doesn’t wrap up until Monday. We were wrong. But, there’s still a compromise of sorts and conservatives are still pissed.]