Angry Over All My Children‘s Lesbian Wedding? Here’s Why You Have No Argument


It’s usually painful to watch The View, but sometimes having it on in the background isn’t so bad. Especially when segments like this pop up, where Whoopi points out the ridiculousness of anyone criticizing All My Children‘s lesbian wedding — when soap opera plotlines are built on characters getting married and divorced handfuls of times, having children out of wedlock, and saucy extramarital affairs. You know, because those are positive representations of the institution of marriage.

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  • Charles J. Mueller

    Tell it like it is, Japhy. And you go, Whoopie.

  • marco

    Don’t worry you religious nutters — ABC has your back. Bianca’s marriage began to come apart the very next episode. Bianca’s better-half is smitten with a man. Silly confused gays and their “committed relationships”

  • Sebbe

    @Japh – yeah I wouldn’t think “the stories” would be a big hit with the nutters. Love Whoops. Have seen her perform several times.

  • Jason J.

    If they do dissolve their relationship, it’s too bad and not an example of the tens of thousands of long-term committed couples out there!

    God bless,

    Jason J.

  • gurlene

    Thank god for the History Channel.

  • Sebbe

    @gurlene – i don’t watch a lot of television, but even the history channel has really gone down and lost focus in an attempt to gain viewership. Welcome to america where every business has to grow, grow, grow exponentially or be considered a failure with little regard to quality.

  • LOrion

    SPOILER ALERT! Here’s what happened/gonna happen…per someone who
    ‘rarely watches’.
    Watching the episode from yesterday being replayed on Soapnet right now. Very fancy and pretty wedding.
    One of the wives (Bianca, Erica Kane’s daughter) is gonna find out that the other wife (Reese) shared a night-before-the-wedding with Bianca’s brother-in-law Zach.

    It’s gonna cause her to immediately file for separation/divorce, as well as custody of their daughter that Bianca just gave birth to and Reese adopted- the sperm donor was, of course, Zach!

    Further complicating, Bianca’s elder child was the product of her being raped by Zach’s now dead brother- and the reason Bianca wanted Zach to be the donor for her second child was so that her 2 children would be as closely biologically linked as possible.

    So a stunt to allow the actress playing Bianca to leave the show for awhile…

    (And really, I rarely watch this one- Y&R is my fave)


    “The Price is Right” is better than “The View” any day.

  • villager

    thanks for editing out anything the repub blonde robot had to say on the issue.

  • Sebbe

    @Villager – for once, not Queerty specifically, but the media in general.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    LOL @ Villager’s “repub blonde robot”!

    I think we’ve just coined a new term for similarly annoying morons — Hasselbots!! LMAO!

  • villager

    LOVE it!! Hasselbots!!

  • Sebbe

    Hasselbots!!! You just woke me up, which the first pot of coffee couldn’t do. LOL

  • scott

    I’d love for her to come out already…not that it worked out so well for Rosie.

  • Sebbe

    @scott – I think Rosie’s demise has less to do with her being a lesbian and more to do with her personality and mental health issues.

  • sal


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