Ann Coulter Believes Christians Would Rather Risk Getting Ebola Than Be Labeled Homophobes

ann-coulter-2Ann Coulter is not pleased with how compliant many Christians are becoming towards “leftist bullies” who demand equal rights for gay people.

The leggy lanky blonde went on Bill O’Reilly’s show to run her mouth about the “direct attack on the Christians” being made by liberals in the wake of all the antigay “religious freedom” bills popping up in Republican-led states across the country.

“It’s Christianity that the left hates most of all,” Coulter said, “because that is the foundation of our country and all of our freedoms come from that.”

Coulter said the onslaught of bad PR conservatives have been receiving over their antigay “religious freedom” bills is ultimately forcing Christians to act less Christians.

“The rest of the world is a cesspool of violence and atrocities,” she babbled. “This is the most consequential nation on Earth and the fact that these Christians would rather get praise from the New York Times by … changing bedpans of Ebola patients in Nigeria, rather than stand up fight against abortion, fight against these [leftist] bullies!”

Huh? What do the bedpans of Ebola patients in Nigeria have to do with anything?

Coulter concluded by issuing a call to action to her fellow Christians, saying: “The small town owners of pizzeria have more Christian courage than most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican party. The one thing every Christian should have is courage. Go out and fight! You’re afraid of being sneered at by the New York Times?”

“Most people,” she said, “would rather risk getting Ebola that being called a homophobe.”

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