GLAAD Doesn't Think That's Rad

Ann Coulter Calls John Edwards “Faggy”

Ann Coulter relaunched her campaign against John Edwards today.

You’ll recall that the right-wing authoress took a shot at Edwards last year, when she called the politico a “faggot.” Well, Coulter has done it again, this time calling him “faggy” while discussing his alleged affair. Said Coulter:

I just think John Edwards is an incredibly creepy individual and the very definition of faggy, with his whole two Americas — and remember when he was campaigning, one of his big things, oh, how people are so poor and they can’t, they’re starving at night, and, you know, he met a woman who couldn’t buy a winter coat for her children… [He’s] just, you know, living in this, like, Dickensian England that does not exist in America, and acting like you’re the only person who cares.

Really, Ann Coulter? We know people who are waaaay more faggy than Edwards. Of course, we’re talking about people who suck dick, while you’re referring to his efforts to fight poverty. We have a word for that, but it’s not fit for print.

GLAAD and their homo honcho Neil Giuliano aren’t happy, of course, and Mr. G released the following statement,

Once again, Ann Coulter has made a cynical and desperate bid for attention by using a vulgar, dehumanizing anti-gay slur. More and more, fair minded Americans believe that there’s no place for this kind of bigotry, and Coulter’s shrinking media platform only confirms how out of step she is with the rest of the country.

We don’t know about how all of America feels, Neil, but we agree that Coulter’s starved for attention. It’s probably because her career’s basically in the can and Republicans don’t like her anymore.

Meanwhile, the Edwards affair may have been “confirmed” by a security guard at the hotel where he met his lady, who also reportedly fathered his love child. We don’t know about you homos, but we’ve never fathered a bastard child with a secret lady lover…