Ann Coulter Defends Alec Baldwin In Op-Ed: He Was “Not Engaging in ‘Homophobia'”

You know you must be in the wrong when Ann Coulter steps up to your defense.

Yesterday, the dragon lady published an op-ed in support of Alec Baldwin’s homophobic outburst earlier this month when he was caught on tape allegedly calling a photographer a “cocksucking fag.”

“It is perfectly obvious Baldwin was just cursing the guy out with whatever bad words popped into his head,” Coulter wrote, “not engaging in ‘homophobia’ against an actual gay person.”

Evidently, hurling aggressive gay slurs at people doesn’t count as homophobia in Coulter’s book. For some reason this doesn’t surprise us.

Coulter also called Baldwin’s outburst “justified,” then accused his critics, both liberal and conservative, of being “shortsighted” and enforcing a policy “where careers are ended over a word.”

“Liberals don’t mind abortion, sexual promiscuity, adultery, lying or criminal behavior,” the professional shit-stirrer wrote. “They save all their moral indignation for people who use politically incorrect words.”

Then, in true Coulter form, she completely deviated from the topic at hand and started talking about all the reasons why Alec Baldwin is actually a victim.

The badly-Botoxed ice queen sympathized with him for having a stalker, defended him for calling his 11-year-old daughter a “fat pig” back in 2007, expressed her distain for his “feminist” ex-wife Kim Basinger, condoned his refusal to turn off an electronic device on a plane, and praised him for appearing with Sarah Palin on SNL back in 2008, “unlike the drama queen Tina Fey, who refused to share the stage with Palin.”

(For the record: This is untrue. Tina Fey did share the stage with Palin on SNL… But we’re still not sure how this is relevant to Alec Baldwin’s comments made earlier this month.)

Whatever Coulter’s motive is for publishing this op-ed (For publicity? For traffic? Maybe she really, truly cares about Baldwin’s well-being?), it’s likely not going to help the actor/suspended MSNBC host’s cause. The only thing more toxic than an endorsement from the dragon lady would be taking a dip in Lake Karachay.