Ann Coulter: Gays Stole Civil Rights Movement From Blacks

I think the way liberals have treated blacks like children and many of their policies have been harmful to blacks, at least they got the beneficiary group right. There is the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws. We don’t owe the homeless. We don’t owe feminists. We don’t owe women who are desirous of having abortions, or gays who want to get married to one another. That’s what civil rights has become for much of the left…

I think civil rights are for blacks. What have we done to the immigrants? We owe black people something. We have a legacy of slavery. Immigrants haven’t even been in this country.”

Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter, explaining why African-Americans’ struggle for civil rights is legitimate but gays, immigrants’ and women’s aren’t, on ABC News’s This Week

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  • Thomas4143

    Wow, she is SO controversial – I am just enraged by her controversial comments. Her powerful words have harmed me because of the controversy.

  • Dez

    She’s an idiot. 100 years ago Ann, you wouldn’t be able to vote. I guess civil rights aren’t for women either?

  • mlbumiller

    If it wasn’t for the Suffrage movement the bitch would not be voting or be able to hold the position, since her bony ass would be home cleaning and taking care the 14 children she would have had since that would have been her job…. Cook, clean, be pregnant and her welfare would only be decided by her father, brother or husband

  • Aidan8

    Thanks, Ann, for that breathtakingly ignorant take on the full arc of civil rights history in this country. Wow.

  • 2eo

    I’ll hand it too her, why be just plain crazy when you can be absolute batshit crazy.

    Her attempts to stay relevant are hilarious, if she was a muslim she’d be in Guantanamo.

  • mystrallan

    Has no one spayed the bitch, yet??? Doing so will stop her from spraying off at the mouth so much! Honestly…only in America.

  • Dionte

    What about black gays? Are they stealing from themselves.

  • kingkuy

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

  • redcarpet

    Somebody get ahold of her gay hairdresser. Maybe he can poison her hair color or something. Nothing deadly, just something that will shut her up for a few weeks.

  • darkmoonman

    Newsflash: Ann Coulter says aloud any incendiary/insulting/slanderous thought that enters her mind.

  • Shadeaux

    So is this bitch the new face of the NAACP now, because if so, she missed the memo. And since when have we ever given a damn what she “thinks”? We don’t need her fake concern and she needs to be advised to keep black people out of her “AGENDA” or has she not seen the recent polls in how blacks support the Republicans?

  • NateOcean

    “You’re a dude, right?”

  • Cam

    This is the EXACT talking point that those documents from NOM that were taken said they would try.

    Their goal is to try to drive a wedge between blacks and gays by constnatly attacking gays and claiming that civil rights aren’t civil rights.

    Nice to know who Coulter is getting her talking points from.

    The fact is, Corretta Scott King, the NAACP, and Mrs. Loving from the Loving V. VA. interacial marriage case all dissagree with Coulter. But apparently Coulter is the spokesperson for the black community and is far more respected than any of those other people. (Smirk)

    She also said that civil rights weren’t valid for feminists. Then I guess Ann will be getting married and staying home cooking and cleaning for her husband and only speaking when spoken to.

  • JOHN 1957

    Dear Ditz!

    Your suppose to be an educated person? scare me! Civil rights include the ensuring of peoples’ physical and mental integrity, life and safety; protection from discrimination on grounds such as physical or mental disability, gender, religion, race, national origin, age, status as a member of the uniformed services, sexual orientation, or gender identity;[1][2][3] and individual rights such as privacy, the freedoms of thought and conscience, speech and expression, religion, the press, and movement.

    Civil and political rights are a class of rights based upon birthright into a polity or designation otherwise of human rights. They ensure a citizen’s ability to fully participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression, and protect the freedom of classes of persons and individuals from unwarranted infringement into those rights by governments, private organizations, and other entities. Do your research before you open up your mouth and put your Stiletto heel in it.

    She has the common sense of a carrot.

  • lthrmuscl

    ann is the ultimate media whore. she NEEDS attention and would say her mother was a virgin raped by a god if she thought it would make her infamous. the fact that some gay men love her and she sits on the board of GOProud speaks of her influence and how stupid even we gays can be. she loves the fact that we are talking about her..its the closest she comes to an orgasm….

  • NateOcean

    Well she was out pimping her new book, “Mugged” which is where Stephanopoulos pulled the quote. It’s so contrived. It’s obvious that they agreed ahead of time to use that as a point of discussion, even though it had little to do with the earlier discussion. Then they can wrap it up with her foul little face–with shit-eating grin–posed next to the book. George Stephanopoulos should have said, I’m sorry Ann, you clearly have nothing to contribute on-topic to the discussion. You’re banned from the show.

    “Oh, and you’re also a skank.”

    After Univision’s Jorge Ramos had his say, Coulter said he was attacking Obama. Coulter must have been smoking crack (again) before the show, as Ramos had just said the Republican animosity toward Latinos could likely loose them the Whitehouse for a generation. Sounds like Ann had the wrong talking point queued up in her twisted little mind.

  • NateOcean

    BTW, that’s other degenerate, Dinish D’Souza (creator of the propaganda movie, “2016: Obama’s America”, once dated this little harpie, Ann Coulter.

    I know, I know. The thought of those two doing the horizontal tango together makes one want to puke. And it is the dinner hour.

  • Leeflea

    Just a simple question: why doesn’t this fanatical woman just go away?
    Thank you,

  • Joincny

    The gay republicans just loooooovvvvvvve her! Yuck!

  • jmmartin

    If I steal watermelons from African-Americans will they quit buying Cadillacs and smoking Pell Mell cigarettes? Ann is a racist bigot, a homophobe, and a pendeja. That’s right: a single hair growing out of a Koch brother’s arsehole.

  • samwise343

    @mystrallan: I think you mean “neutered”.

  • Aidan8

    @NateOcean: Wow…. the thought of Mann Coulter and Dinesh D’Souza dating and, gods forbid, doing the nasty…. Can you imagine the offspring????? Eeek!

  • Mjl-428

    Already saw this on the huffington post.

    and sad to say, some people bought it.

    1) rights are not owed. when you owe someone it’s usually money or a lap dance and that means that they had to do something for it. getting beaten or killed is not an even trade. right are something that belong to you from day damn one, not only as an American but as a human being.

    2) apparently whenever the discussion of gays, homeless, or women comes up, everyone forgets that we have Black people fall into those categories as well. Black gays and Black women, do exist. so for some of the Black people who fell for Ann’s Bull$#[email protected], these issues of gays and women are important for the black community as well

  • Spike

    Man-Coulter is more desperate then Madonna to stay relevant, and thus this nonsense.


    @Spike: Coulter, is definitely suffer of Mental Poverty;

  • DragonScorpion

    Where to begin… It’s no wonder that she doesn’t see the struggle for civil rights as something homosexuals, transgender and same-sex couples would be engaged in as well, because her concept of civil rights is that it is something that is “owed” someone rather than something inherent or inalienable. And civil rights are for blacks? Exclusively? Oh sure, because women’s suffrage wasn’t a civil rights movement at all. In which case, she should get her grotesque mug off the television, stop talking about politics because she shouldn’t be voting, and she should keep her place at home as a spinster because she shouldn’t be allowed to work outside the home and obviously no man would have her.

    Ok, so the gays stole the civil rights movement from the blacks… Then by the same logic, blacks stole the civil rights movement from Indians fighting British tyranny and women fighting chauvinism and Jews the bondage of Pharaoh to name but a few prominent examples.

    And to think, she is among the “intellectuals” of modern conservatives!

  • madpmadashell

    I hope she bumps into some big drag queen on the streets of NYC and she smacks the shit out of her boney ass.

  • Avenger

    Let’s go ahead and nominate Ann for a BET award.

  • miniskull

    No, don’t spray this bitch. Spray/pie those idiots and bigots who are supporting the hags like her and Sarah Palin. If it weren’t because of them, Ann Coulter wouldn’t have a platform to run her mouth. If you hear or see someone’s voice supporting homophobic bigots, you need to prepare to kick their ass in an argument.

  • LaTeesha

    It’s no wonder nobody has married her. That chick is cray.

  • Atomicrob

    Coulter’s stock-in-trade is her mouth. She must be looking for some TV gigs to make her car payment.

  • hf2hvit

    @mlbumiller: Ewwww..that mean somebody would have to FUCK that? Besides …everybody knows Ann Coulter is the father of Mary Cheney’s baby

  • LadyL

    Thanks, everyone–with a special nod to Mjl-428–I know I shouldn’t let the ignorant utterances of this smug, hateful woman get me down, but every time she opens her mouth my day just seems a little harder, the world a little less friendly.
    After reading all your commments here I feel so much better!

  • FunMe

    And THIS THING was the “gay diva” of the GO”proud” self-loathing gay group?
    Crazy meets crazier.

    No wonder all you can do is LAUGH at them at their ridiculous statements which are basically saying “Hey look over here, look at me … I’ll say anything ‘controversial” just to get attention”.


  • D9W

    GOP Bat Shit Number 2

  • hamoboy

    The most dangerous thing about her statement is that there is some (I said SOME don’t jump on me without reading the rest of my comment) truth to what she is saying. Civil rights movements that have come before have often not completely succeeded, or in some cases are even being pushed back against, and if the “liberal media” (by which I mean the decent and upstanding news organizations) puts too much focus on the latest hot civil rights movement without focusing on the “end game” so to speak of movements that are already successful (or close to success), then the progress of these older movements can become arrested, or even reversed.
    “The black civil rights movement stole focus away from the feminist movement”. Ask many black female feminists, they will attest to some truth in this statement. “The gay civil rights movement stole focus away from the black civil rights movement”. Ask black LGBT activists, they will attest to some truth in that statement.
    At the end of the day, Mann Coulter is the last fucking person on earth who should be talking about this though. This is a family conversation for liberals to have amongst themselves, and not for a conservative banshee to twist and distort to meet their evil ends.

  • Aidan8

    And for those few who stick up for GOProud….. defend this:

    “Ann Coulter is a brilliant and fearless leader of the conservative movement, we are honored to have her as part of GOProud’s leadership,” said Christopher Barron, Chairman of GOProud’s Board. “Ann helped put our organization on the map. Politics is full of the meek, the compromising and the apologists – Ann, like GOProud, is the exact opposite of all of those things. We need more Ann Coulters.”

  • ronsfo

    Brain damaged media slut, with the personality of the fuzzy dog turd. Doesn’t even rate the label of bitch.

  • Rock Star

    Ya, and she stole her movement from the Dixiecrats. ( I hope that’s not to obscure for ya’ll.) What a turd she is. She will say anything to get attention, which of course makes her an attention whore.

  • gayarchitect

    As an “out and proud” gay man,Ms. Coulter does NOTb know what she is talking about.The GLBT community is NOT Civil Rights, it IS about HUMAN RIGHTS! We are not asking for e rights, we these rights, we are DEMANDING them!

  • robmythos

    She pretty pro at what she does I will give her that. That is a skill I would and could not aspire too. It kills how the conservatives attempt to devide this country for thier agenda. The sad thisg I see it in our community as well just on different level. There is change coming to gay community and I see the devidedness everyday.

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