Talking Head Needs Vocabulary Lesson

Ann Coulter On Larry Craig

Amidst all the Larry Craig coverage, one voice has remained eerily silent: Ann Coulter. We were beginning to wonder if the anti-queer conservative had missed the media boat. It turns out Her Vileness was simply on vacation, but rest assured she’s back in full swing. And, yes, slinging some words on the aforementioned Craig coverage.

In one of her more outrageous pieces – ‘Cruising While Republican’ – Coulter writes:

Despite the 9/11-level coverage, Larry Craig is merely accused of “cruising while Republican.” There is nothing liberals love more than gay-baiting, which they disguise as an attack on “hypocrisy.”

Liberals don’t even know what they mean by “hypocrite” anymore. It’s just a word they throw out in a moment of womanly pique, like “extremist” — or, come to think of it, “gay.” How is Craig a “hypocrite,” much less a “blatant hypocrite”?

Assuming the worst about Craig, the Senate has not held a vote on outlawing homosexual impulses. It voted on gay marriage. Craig not only opposes gay marriage, he’s in a heterosexual marriage with kids. Talk about walking the walk! Did Craig propose marriage to the undercover cop? If not, I’m not seeing the “hypocrisy.”

Apparently this nasty twat doesn’t understand the implications of ones actions. Does Ann Coulter truly believe there’s no connection between Craig’s actions and his voting record? We doubt it. It seems to us Coulter’s simply trying to deflect – or is it distort? – the issue to serve her own ends: one, publicity and two, defend her conservative comrade. Sorry, Coulter, but your arguments quite a stretch – even for you.