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Ann Coulter: Only Conservatives Can Stop Radical Muslims From Executing Gays!

I know it’s already been nearly a week since Ann Coulter picked up her check to make fun of The Gays to their faces, but I missed one lovely report about how she treated her hosts.

In additional to telling GOProud’s audience that gays don’t have any right to marry, and that “Gays are the molecular opposites of blacks [because] everybody likes the gays moving in next door” (I bet the black attendees loved that one!), the comically confrontational pundit added, according to Esquire: “Not only can gays be conservative, you pretty much have to be,” since they’re “highest income demographic”! (Not all of us.)

And because “gays are too stylish to work for the federal government”! (Far too few of us.) And because radical Muslims want to kill us! And because “once [scientists] find the gay gene, guess who’s getting aborted”!

And only conservatives will stop any of those things from happening.