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Ann Coulter says allowing kids to “say gay” will lead to a second Cambodian genocide

Ann Coulter has been on quite a homophobic Twitter streak lately.

Yesterday, the 60-year-old dragon lady retweeted a clip from The Killing Fields, a 1984 film about the Cambodian genocide. It shows a group of school children being taught to disown their parents.

“I bet these brainwashed automatons taught to hate their parents were encouraged to SAY GAY!” she captioned the video.

The Cambodian genocide happened from 1975 to 1979. The Khmer Rouge, under the leadership of Communist Party of Kampuchea general secretary Pol Pot, ordered deaths of 1.5 to 2 million people, nearly a quarter of the country’s population at the time, and then buried them in over 23,000 mass graves.

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Making light of and comparing that to Florida’s homophobic “Don’t Say Gay” law isn’t just gross, it’s a false equivalence. It’s also really, really dumb. But we wouldn’t expect anything else from the Karen who took to Twitter to yell at for sending her the wrong size tank top three days before Christmas.

Now, some responses to Coulter’s Cambodian genocide tweet…

A few days before her Cambodian genocide tweet, Coulter shared an article about Donald Trump telling a supporter “You don’t look gay”, along with the caption: “Okay, that’s funny.”

And a few days before that, she tweeted some garbage about how the only thing LGBTQ teachers want to do is talk to students about gay marriage.

“I don’t remember teachers talking about their spouses or significant others at all, ever,” she wrote. “That seems to be the only thing LGBTQIA teachers want to tell their students about.”

Seriously, it must be exhausting to be so hateful all the time.

While you’re here, re-live the time Ann was dragged at the Rob Lowe Roast in 2016. This video, unlike Ms. Coulter’s bigotry, never gets old.

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