Hits Below The Belt

Ann Coulter Takes Another Gayish Shot At Edwards

We’re not exactly sure why, but Paper deployed “socialite” Fabian Basabe to interview Ann Coulter on fashion. Sure, Coulter looks nice in a black skirt, but so does our collective mother, so we’re not convinced the conservative pundit really deserves a sartorial platform.

Regardless, Coulter dishes on getting her hair did, Rush Limbaugh‘s legs and the Ann Coulter Barbie doll – “Her skirt is “actual size,” says the despicable politico. Of course, no interview would be complete without a little John Edwards gay-baiting:

FB: You frequently appear in short skirts. Whose skirts do you like this season?

AC: Hmmm, I’m not sure. What’s John Edwards wearing? We seem to wear the same panties.

Wait, Ann Coulter wears panties? How does she keep the tentacles in place?