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Ann Coulter Wants An ‘All Gay’ Military Division With Liza Minnelli Shrines

Red Eye, the only television program willing to host Ann Coulter these days, was the scene of a riveting debate on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal (early) this morning. J/Kz!! It was where Ms. Coulter argued that America’s civilian-controlled military should not be civilian controlled, especially when it comes to letting prissy fairy gays serve their country openly. Were it not for Coulter getting a pass from GOProud, you folks might actually get a chance to criticize her!

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  • ~R~

    GoProud doesn’t own my voice! You know why I won’t weigh in? The witch doesn’t deserve my criticism. LOL! This was like watching an unscripted “Clueless”. ;P

  • ewe

    ho ho ho. She thinks she is so funny. How about all women with adams apples are not allowed to suck dick no more?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    When it comes to GOProud standing up to Ann Coulter, Christopher Barron doesn’t have the balls, and Tammy Bruce doesn’t have the eggs.

  • mark

    I thought Ann liked her military queers doing porno?
    Make up your mind…bitch

  • dvlaries

    Go find John McCain and you can cry in one another’s beer, Ann.
    Shut up.

  • Daez

    Ann Coulter is an absolute saint. Her ability to support GOProud although she is such a self-loathing perhaps closeted lesbian that hates everyone that isn’t her is extremely awesome.

    I mean, I have no clue how GOProud will be able to continue to support her if she keeps spouting this honest OPINION of hers, but I’m sure they will find a way, and she still manages to sell out crowds to closeted self-loathing hate filled filth that hide behind their “conservative values” while never failing to throw anyone actually supporting gay rights under the bus so they can get yet another tax cut.

  • DR

    Just accept the fact that despite her educational credentials, she’s nothing more than an entertainer. There’s nothing else to her. Just entertainment.

  • AdonisOfFire

    A gay army would be fabulous, like Thebes’ army of lovers :D

  • Oh boy

    She does have a point about people who are not in the military and could never hack the military telling the military what to do…

    The military is brutal. It always has been. It always will be. It has to. And it is one place where they do want cohesion and they want discipline and everyone to be in oder and in the same uniform.

    There are places where the want conformity, they do not diversity. Diversity does not always work in every situation.

    I mean – I think gays should be able to serve in the military. But they will have to conform and be give into cohesion.

  • Joe

    Ummm, no thanks. How about Kate Bush shrines for the intelligent, articulate, cultured gays?
    I’d join then.

  • Daez

    @Oh boy: Diversity has been a strength in this country for generations.

    The EXACT same arguments were made over allowing blacks to serve in the military, and as anyone in the military will tell you, the military has more black people than white people.

    This country has a military mainly composed of disenfranchised minorities while the rich white people that bitch about allowing gays to serve openly keep themselves and their children as far away from the military as possible already.

  • justiceontherocks

    Oh Boy – Thank you so much for being nice enough to support ‘the gays.”

    Condescending troll.

  • Oh boy

    @Daez: I am not sure all the minorities are so crazy about gays joining the military so that is BS. A lot of whites supported the repeal. And it was smostly minorities in California who voted for proposition 8 so this idea that all minorities love the gays is just garbage. It is more of this “all the diverse groups love each other” bull crap.

    Also during World War II, when our armed forces and country was the strongest and most united, whites made up more than 85 % percent of the armed forces.

  • tjr101

    @Oh boy: Wow, not only are you homophobic but you’re a racist too, congrats!

  • Tallskin

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, that this woman looks like a horse wearing a blond wig

  • justiceontherocks

    @ Tallskin – yeah – why the long face Ann?

  • Rick Gold

    Queerty did a article on an the benefits of a gay/straight segregated military:

    Fewer people to fight off from the TV remote. RuPaul’s Drag Race. The Real L Word. Project Runway. These are the shows gay soldiers want to watch, but far too often the common televisions are hijacked by sports-loving, WWE-watching goons. No more of that. But you can still watch White Collar together, that’s cool.

    Your shower supplies will go untouched. That $260 you just dropped on Perricone MD Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer goes to waste when an unknowing straight soldier grabs a whole glop to use as aftershave. A gays-only wash room would never permit such cosmetics fouls.

    The background noise will improve. Turn up the volume on that Lady Gaga person. Stop shielding your iPod when Kylie comes on. And best of all, no Nickelback. Ever.
    Your sex toys are safe. Gone are the days when pearl dildos and perineum ticklers are mistaken for neck massagers or a place to hang your hat. Still stow them away, but worry less about anyone rifling through your stash.

    Most of those misunderstandings will disappear. Now when your bunk mate walks into the room, and you’ve got the lights off while “wrestling” with a buddy, you won’t have to fumble for excuses to explain why you’re holding an about-to-be-ripped-open condom wrapper. He’ll just get it. And he’ll ask to join. CAUSE WE’RE ALL WHORES, I’ve heard.

  • Goodnight Moon

    greg gutfield is a talentless twat. and i don’t appreciate the lesbian-baiting either.

  • Goodnight Moon

    can’t decide who my favourite fox whore is, gretchen carlson or greg gutfield.

    and i don’t appreciate the lesbian-baiting either.

  • Oh boy

    @tjr101: I am neither of those things.

    I am talking about the need for cohesion in a group and getting things done as a group.

    And sometimes to do that all the multi-culture and diversity crap needs to be set aside. In the army you are a soldier first before being gay, black, Latin, white, and all the other stuff. And sometimes people have a hard time letting that go.

    That was my point. The armed foreced strip you down and build you back up.

  • Steve

    Cohesion is overrated and a nebulous concept to begin with. First you need to understand the difference between social cohesion and task cohesion. What you talk about is social cohesion – the ability of a group to bond together and share things.

    But what’s actually relevant to get the job done is task cohesion. Having a common purpose and ambition to accomplish a mission. You can do that with a widely diverse group of people who don’t necessarily get along in a social situation. The differences fade away when things need to get done.

    And in a democracy, the military can’t decide such fundamental things. There is civilian control for a reason. Otherwise, it would be a military dictatorship.

  • ~R~

    @Oh boy: Literally… I’m laughing right now. Perhaps you are right BUT the military I experienced was anything but brutal. Of course, it was the Air Force which has a reputation for being the easiest of the services… so… yeah… Brutal! Hahahaha!

  • Sean

    “The armed foreced strip you down and build you back up.”

    Isn’t that the argument for why the military should be under civilian control? What you’re talking about is quick-pass, assembly line indoctrination. While it may be necessary to a certain extent to produce an effective fighting force, it also is inimical to the internal criticism and accountability of high-ranking officers which is necessary to produce an ethically sound organization. An effective but ethically unaccountable military can be just as much of a curse as a mediocre military.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Gutfield like Coulter, and so many more of the ilk, are anti-gay — until they figured out it might chase away the Mosque in Downtown Manhattan. They’re anti-gay until the drapes need to be flounced, and the hair done up. They’re antigay right until takeoff from one anti-gay confab to the other and the flight(y) attendant makes sure their seat backs are in an upright condition, like the babies they are. It’s becoming more and more hysterically funny as the anti-gay forces align themselves with crackpots and the delusional. Time to ratchet up the pressure, so their heads explode.

  • Matt

    And how about we ask Ann Coulter to be the target practice dummy – only we have guns loaded with real bullets….. What makes anyone give her time to speak about millitary issues when she is so clueless

  • Ashton C

    All I asked for Santa was this year, (again) was Ann Coulter tied to a chair so I could spit on her face and give her two man sized slaps to the face, and once again he didnt deliver. I guess I was naughty this year. Ugh!

  • greenmanTN

    Yeah, well I would like Ann Coulter to be stoned to death by the widows and widowers of people who died in the 9/11 attacks then her body thrown in a ditch to be eaten by carrion birds, but I’m probably not going to get my wish either. I guess that makes Ann and I even.

  • S

    Why is it that anyone still pays attention to this hate-filled bitch?

  • WilliamG

    @Oh boy: mate you realize they are already serving in cohesive units right? They are already there and many undetected, if there is better proof your argument is without merit I’d like to see it.

    I’m in the Australian military and gay and have no problems. We are eons ahead of America though, gay defacto couples get the same rights as married couples, like most of your allies.

    Surely you can see they are already there?

  • Jeffree

    @WilliamG: Thanks for the words about the cohesive, inclusive Australian military. The right-wingers here in the US continue to act as if we’re conducting a social experiment, & they forget that other countries have been able to integrate successfully.

    Most of the noise here is stirred up by bible-quotin’ fundamentalist Xtians who’ ve never served in the military or stepped foot in another country.

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