Ann Coulter Will Criticize Gay People’s Love Lives But Don’t Ask Her About Her Own

Ann Coulter appeared on Piers Morgan last night dressed in a slinky, sleeveless blue top and looking more Botoxed than ever. The lanky political pundit stopped by to plug her new book, which is essentially just a rehash of her previously-published columns.

During the interview, Coulter denied Republicans believe Obama is from Kenya, twisting the whole birther argument around and saying it was actually Hillary Clinton who started that rumor. She also denied that Republicans are power hungry, saying, “Republicans don’t want power and don’t want to tell us how to run our lives.”

Things took a slightly awkward turn when Morgan asked Coulter about her love life.

Coulter, of course, has been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage for years, willingly inserting her opinions about the private love lives of LGBT people any chance she gets. When asked about her own love live, however, she freezes.

During the interview, Morgan asked: “Could you ever imagine dating Bill Maher?”

Coulter laughed awkwardly then looked around the room, as though searching for a way out.

“I’m serious,” Morgan pressed.

“If you were interviewing Margaret Thatcher, would you ask her that,” Coulter asked. “No, I think not.”

Comparing herself to Margaret Thatcher? Someone seems to think quite highly of herself.

But Morgan didn’t let her go that easily. “Would you ever date a liberal?” he tried again.

Then Coulter got really irritated.

“I am not discussing who I would date!” she barked before muttering something about liberals driving “little dinky hybrid cars.”

See the delightfully uncomfortable video below.