Anna Nicole Cling-Ons Kill Two Birds With Birkhead Gay Gossip

We’ve got two very enterprising icons on our hands.

Pol’ Atteu and boyfriend Patrik Samson – who describe themselves as Anna Nicole Smith’s “best friends” – have penned a tome entitled Anna Nicole Smith: Portrait of An Icon.

The National Enquirer got a piece of the deplorable action and report this week that the duo joined the Larry Birkhead “outing” bandwagon:

The two accompanied Anna Nicole to a camp for HIV-positive and AIDS-infected children in Nebraska… Birkhead was there to do a photo story – and was carrying on a hush-hush affair with a male counselor, charges Simpson. “His secret male rendezvous there included spending quite a big of time with a particular young and handsome male counselor…

So we’ve not only got a book capitalizing on a dead woman’s cult of personality, but a built-in and timely scandal! Well done, gents!