Anna Nicole Death Mystery Solved?

Twenty days after her untimely death, it seems we finally have some answers on what actually killed Anna Nicole Smith – and it wasn’t all the drugs Howard K. Stern fed her, although they apparently didn’t help. The new issue of the super tabbie, The National Enquirer reports:

…Preliminary findings reveal that tests performed during the autopsy show Anna Nicole had a severe case of pneumonia. Prescription drugs that she had taken made the condition worse and did play a role in her death. The full toxicology report has not yet been completed.

Sources very close to the death investigation told The Enquirer that the prescription drugs masked the seriousness of her pneumonia.

Hmmm, while we’re glad to hear that no foul play was involved, we’re a little disappointed Anna Nicole had to go down like that. All that phlegm and shit – not very glamorous. But, now that the mystery’s allegedly solved, maybe poor Smith can finally be put in the ground and get some peace. As for the rest of us, no doubt we’ll still have to deal with the deluge of dramatic interviews and ink-seeking urchins. Maybe we should try to get some pneumonia ourselves…