Anna Nicole Smith Comes Back From The Dead On ‘Hollywood Medium’


Openly gay TV-psychic Tyler Henry just won’t stop BSing his way through Hollywood, with his latest target the family of Anna Nicole Smith. On a recent episode of Hollywood Medium, Henry claims to be capable of connecting with the spirit of Smith, regurgitating meaningless trivia to her former romantic partner Larry Birkhead.

Obviously none of this is real and psychics do not exist outside of speculative fiction and Miss Cleo infomercials, but it’s still a pretty sleazeball move to jerk the families the deceased around like this.

“I’m seeing a symbol of putting lipstick on a mirror. This is strange. It’s a message in lipstick is the way this comes through and it’s a symbol, but it’s coming through to kind of help convey this individual’s personality,” Henry says, thereby proving… well, nothing, really.

He also mentions that May is important, and also hats. “It’s a hat that we would wear at a special event,” he says.

So apparently, according to this clairvoyant twink, Anna Nicole Smith is just floating around in the afterlife, reminiscing about hats and lipstick. Honestly that doesn’t seem too far off from what she probably would be doing if she was a ghost. Which she is not. She is just dead.

Henry seems to feel that he’s doing his marks a favor by acting like he’s in contact their deceased relatives — he recently tweeted “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others.”  So really, what are the ethics of what he’s doing here? If he can make people feel good by pretending to talk to the dead, is that so wrong? Is misleading people a crime if they like being misled?