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Anna Paquin Hijacks Cyndi Lauper’s New Gay Activist Project By Coming Out as Bi

Cindy Lauper, of Celebrity Apprentice fame, and her True Colors Fund launches a new project-website-catchphrase called We Give A Damn, which is yielding a “database error” for the time being. It lists about a gazillion partners, including the Human Rights Campaign, which is what can happen when you are famous and decide to start a new activism project. But outshining Lauper’s new gig is the involvement of True Blood‘s Anna Paquin in the PSA. Where she comes out as bi.

So goes the report about the engaged actress: “The PSA was taped Saturday, January 30th, at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, and a source exclusively tells that Paquin, on-camera, identified herself as being bisexual, saying: ‘I’m Anna Paquin. I’m bisexual, and I give a damn.’ … Our source tells us that people close to Paquin, who were at the shoot, did not know she was going to make the statement, and it was a surprise to them.”

You can watch the PSA here. It’s tres moving! And while Paquin technically “hijacks” the purpose of the PSA, she’s also bolstering its cause: Lauper’s new effort will get attention it otherwise wouldn’t receive because, hey, this entertainment industry darling just came out as bi.

Some of us need a mere web posting to come out publicly. Others, a PSA.