Anna Wintour And SJP Don’t Want You To Miss Dinner With The Obamas

If you are on President Obama’s email list you may have started receiving reminders from Vogue editrix Anna Wintour urging you not to miss your chance of having dinner with her, the Obamas and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The winner of the Night in New York sweepstakes gets to sup with the four at Parker’s home and attend a private concert with Mariah Carey.

This is essentially a gay contest, no?

In the television ads promoting the event, Parker wastes no time in laying out the POTUS’ accomplishments: “Okay, the guy who ended the war in Iraq, the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want and the guy who created 4 million new jobs. That guy, President Obama, and Michelle are coming to my house for dinner.”

While Wintour, adorned with a Thakoon “Runway to Win” scarf, stiffly sells the “incredible women” angle: “…I’m so lucky in my work that I’m able to meet some of the most incredible women in the world. Women like Sarah Jessica Parker and “Me-shell” Obama.”

In closing, as playfully as she is capable of being, Wintour warns, “But just don’t be late.”

“I don’t do this sort of thing often,” Wintour says in her email, “get involved with politics, that is.”

Oh, we thought she meant raffles.