Anna Wintour And SJP Don’t Want You To Miss Dinner With The Obamas

If you are on President Obama’s email list you may have started receiving reminders from Vogue editrix Anna Wintour urging you not to miss your chance of having dinner with her, the Obamas and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The winner of the Night in New York sweepstakes gets to sup with the four at Parker’s home and attend a private concert with Mariah Carey.

This is essentially a gay contest, no?

In the television ads promoting the event, Parker wastes no time in laying out the POTUS’ accomplishments: “Okay, the guy who ended the war in Iraq, the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want and the guy who created 4 million new jobs. That guy, President Obama, and Michelle are coming to my house for dinner.”

While Wintour, adorned with a Thakoon “Runway to Win” scarf, stiffly sells the “incredible women” angle: “…I’m so lucky in my work that I’m able to meet some of the most incredible women in the world. Women like Sarah Jessica Parker and “Me-shell” Obama.”

In closing, as playfully as she is capable of being, Wintour warns, “But just don’t be late.”

“I don’t do this sort of thing often,” Wintour says in her email, “get involved with politics, that is.”

Oh, we thought she meant raffles.


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  • jason

    Anna Wintour looks like a hideous goose. Her magazine, Vogue, is a horrible, anti-woman rag that photo-shops women’s appearance so as to comply with a certain standard that is possibly determined by the advertisers in the magazinre. There is an appearance fascism there that is undeniable.

    I remember seeing a copy somewhere and decided to leaf through it. Of the first 38 pages, 31 were advertisements. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Buzz off, Anna.

  • christopher di crapito

    What a godawful hairdo! Wouldn’t win any beauty contests either!

  • 1equalityUSA

    Ms. Wintour and Ms. Parker, Thanks for doing so much to get President Obama reelected. We need every person to be involved in this effort. Romney scares the pie out of me. He’s basically pinned the gay community down with the help of cruel friends and chopped our hair off with scissors and it will not be forgotten. This is a man who has misused his power from childhood up and the thought of him actually leading our Nation sends cortisol rushing through my circulatory system. As for the superficial comments about your hair, please know that there are many of us that appreciate your efforts and hair is the least of our worries. Thank you both for helping.

  • Cam

    @1equalityUSA: She still has bad hair!

  • 1equalityUSA

    Well then, in a Romney-esque way why don’t you all gang up on her, pin her down with the help of cruel friends, and chop it off with scissors. It’s only a “prank” right?

  • JFO

    I would rather shove red hot pokers through my Independent eye sockets than go to this “divorced from reality” party. Even if I did believe in “The Guy.”

  • 1equalityUSA

    Dear JFO, You may just have help with those red-hot pokers if some of these Pastors n’ politicians have their way. Pastor Worley wants us behind electrified fences, AFA’s Bryan Fischer is dusting off his “D” word privately I hope,, Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber is seeking a “wage” increase on behalf of LGBT, the very latent Pastor Curtis Knapp of New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas thinks the government should slaughter gays, and strap-the-family-dog-to-the-roof-of-the-car-Romney has a pledge he signed from NOM in his crisp shirt pocket, where the ink has yet to fully dry. Vote Independent if you need to, but don’t complain when you are behind the fence with a huge, lavender Teletubby named Tinky Winky hitting you with his magic bag.

  • Jordan

    WTF is up with the title, Obama isn’t a “king”.

  • Delius

    Ana needs some surgery on that very nasty ugly wide nose of hers…YIKES

  • agihweih

    @1equalityUSA: if u worked for her, hair would NOT be the least of your worries.

  • 1equalityUSA

    agihweih, Tolerance is extended in both directions, I’m sure.

  • DouggSeven

    Anna would do better to stay away from such a promotion. Even people in her circle hate her.

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