Anne Hathaway Debuts Drag Look, Don Lemon Hates “Hay Girl,” Laganja Estranja Is High On Life & More


– Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway don male drag and cry in a new music video for someone named Jenny Lewis. It’s essentially a live feed from the Jezebel office.

– A Denver filmmaker is looking to fund his dream, a post-apocalyptic epic with a central gay storyline, on Indiegogo.


– EW has an exclusive first-look at the new video from Chicago quartet Baathhaus. “Ascension” features the all-male “over-the-top theatrical pop band” dressing in drag and attending prom. Or something like that.

– Fox News tried to incite a gender riot on a New York City sidewalk, failed miserably.


– Wendy Williams on allegedly looking like a man: “There’s nothing you can call me at this particular point. I’ve been dealing with this for decades.”


– Lindsay Lohan’s “comeback” debut in the West End production of Speed the Plow hasn’t even happened yet, but she’s already managed to screwed it up.

– Former Drag Race contestant Laganja Estranja is serving backyard kush queen in a new video called “Gold Grill BBQ.” (We recommend watching on mute.)

– And finally, watch CNN anchor Don Lemon tell H. Alan Scott that “hay girl” is a Black Female phrase he is not allowed to use.

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  • newfoundma

    You should probably learn who Jenny Lewis is.

  • B Damion

    Oh well Don,Donny,Don boy,Donny boy…girrrlll…

    My gay white and black friends will continue to say “hay girl” regardless. We love each other and it’s only a small way of how we choose to express ourselves.

    This story is fa da birds.

    girl bye!

  • Cam

    Somebody hired Lohan and are surprised that she is unprofessional?!

  • nf0603

    “someone named Jenny Lewis”? This is why I can’t stand the journalism on here. People who are oblivious to music out there that isn’t Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Jenny’s well respected in the indie world, and the fact that she was on The Golden Girls and Lucy’s last failed sitcom as a child actress should at least give her some “gay cred”.

    You couldn’t pay me to listen to ARTPOP or Rihanna’s latest, I plan to get Jenny’s album the day it comes out. There are so many great female artists out there beyond the autotune pop tarts who make music for tweens.

  • Ms Urethra Johnson

    Well GURL, I was personally discriminated against this last week; A Jamaican man would NOT come into my fancy straight bar with his female date because it is a gay owned establishment. She actually DUMPED his sorry derriere. Female friend on the terrace overheard the conversation. And apparently he also is quite disrespectful of his female employees as Banquet Manager of our Local Radisson. What happens when he has to cater a gay wedding reception? The 2 girls that were with him urged me to place a formal complaint with Radisson.
    “Ain’t nobody got time fa that”

    Side note: I also was once chased down my propety by a black very “angry” female teenager swinging her leather belt in the air as she was screaming “fudging fa**ot” at me, because I was mowing my lawn in shorts. While my horrified neighbors called the cops… so yeah… HEY GURL it is…

  • boring

    Considering the fruit content of this entire website, you’d think you motherfuckers would be versed in Jenny “Troop Beverly Hills” Lewis.


  • nf0603


    don’t forget she also played the girl scout who held Rose’s teddy bear hostage on The Golden Girls.

    Alas, she doesn’t make generic tween-oriented autotuned dance music, so therefore she doesn’t register on the radar of all the people who think Rihanna, Gaga and Katy Perry represent the best of 2014 musically.

  • Desert Boy

    The brilliant Don Lemon also said Malaysian flight 370 flew into a black hole and disappeared. Maybe Don should put down the crack pipe and read a ‘Science for Dummies’ book? I’m convinced CNN keeps him around for comic relief. I mean, no one, not even Sarah Palin, can possibly be this stupid.

  • jamesbrian

    “someone named Jenny Lewis.”. What are you? 12? Do we need to have a fuckin history lesson on music Matthew?

  • ontheupandup

    I’m thinking Matthew Tharrett was being facetious in the article about not knowing who Jenny Slate was?

    I agree with H. Alan Scott that it does belittle the “gay experience” to compare it to being African American. Many unfortunate gay children–born into ignorant, bigoted households–must live under the same roof as their oppressors, and then end up being shunned or disowned because of the misguided religious beliefs of their families. But how many kids have to come out to their parents as black?!

    It is a very different experience. (Not better or worse, but being gay in this society has unique distinctions from being black.)

    Any commentary from those on here who have dealt with both? :)

  • Blackceo


    Oh my…back from Brazil and this place hasn’t changed much. I feel like comparing the gay experience to the Black experience belittles the Black experience because what about BLACK GAYS??!!!!!!! Don was right in that you can hide your sexuality as opposed to not being able to hide ones Blackness. Sorry but gay is NOT the new Black and anyone who believes that to be so is a fucking idiot. Both movements are their own and have their own suffering and struggle. What people need to stop doing is trying to compare them.

  • ontheupandup

    @Blackceo: oops, I meant Jenny LEWIS! ????

  • ontheupandup

    @Blackceo: sorry, my Jenny Lewis correction wasn’t for you!

    “Gay is NOT the new black!” LOL Love that!

  • boring

    @nf0603: ALso don’t forget AHHHHHHHH. HE TOUCHED MY BREAST.

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