Anne Hathaway Debuts Drag Look, Don Lemon Hates “Hay Girl,” Laganja Estranja Is High On Life & More


– Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway don male drag and cry in a new music video for someone named Jenny Lewis. It’s essentially a live feed from the Jezebel office.

– A Denver filmmaker is looking to fund his dream, a post-apocalyptic epic with a central gay storyline, on Indiegogo.


– EW has an exclusive first-look at the new video from Chicago quartet Baathhaus. “Ascension” features the all-male “over-the-top theatrical pop band” dressing in drag and attending prom. Or something like that.

– Fox News tried to incite a gender riot on a New York City sidewalk, failed miserably.


– Wendy Williams on allegedly looking like a man: “There’s nothing you can call me at this particular point. I’ve been dealing with this for decades.”


– Lindsay Lohan’s “comeback” debut in the West End production of Speed the Plow hasn’t even happened yet, but she’s already managed to screwed it up.

– Former Drag Race contestant Laganja Estranja is serving backyard kush queen in a new video called “Gold Grill BBQ.” (We recommend watching on mute.)

– And finally, watch CNN anchor Don Lemon tell H. Alan Scott that “hay girl” is a Black Female phrase he is not allowed to use.