Anne Hathaway Should Thank Her Gay Brother In Oscar Acceptance Speech

Word on the street is Les Miserables is headed for Oscar glory, particularly one Ms. Anne “Princess Diaries” Hathaway in her dreaming a dream performance as Fantine.

Annie is already the hands-on favorite to snatch the Best Supporting Actress trophy (though why she wasn’t nominated in the same category for Brokeback we’ll never know) and deserving, in part, of that credit is her drastic pixie cut.

Speaking with a preview audience in New York, Hathaway said of the ‘do, “When I eventually looked in the mirror I just thought I looked like my gay brother.”

Anne has long been a vocal ally to the LGBT community – recently donating the sales of her wedding photos to marriage equality – since her brother Michael came out when she was a teenager.

So come Oscar night — when Anne Hathaway strolls up onto that stage wearing the haute couture gown Rachel Zoe picked out for her months in advance for this very moment (no doubt accessorizing with a dramatic earring to offset the pixie cut) — she’ll hopefully thank her gay brother…and the gay who gave her that haircut.

Oh, and in case you don’t believe us about the Oscar thing: