What Drugs Are We On?!

Annie Lennox Baffled By Remixes

Legendary singer Annie Lennox sat down with HX‘s Trenton Straube for a little pre-album release heart-to-heart.

Before the girls ended their chat, Trent had one last, pressing question:

TS: One last subject: dance mixes. You music has always been a staple on the dance floor. And you have remixes already slated for the single “Sing.” You said you collaborate with art directors. Do you also work with the DJs and producers on the remixes?

AL: I’m going to be brutally honest here. I find a lot of it totally vacuous. People say you’ve got to have taken a lot of drugs before you “get it.” I’m pretty sure that you have to take a lot of drugs. What kind of drugs are you gay guys taking?

Would you like that list alphabetically or in order of appearance…