Annise Parker Avoids Instituting Radical Homosexual Agenda on First Day In Office

Unlike Barack Obama‘s presidential inauguration, the mayoral inauguration of Houston’s Annise Parker did not include any flubbed lines. Except for for anti-gay ridiculous person Pastor Joel Osteen, at an opening prayer, praising god for “lifting up our new mayor, Annise Parker.”

Following her swearing in, she addressed the LGBTs directly at a reception: “I understand what this day means to you. I can feel your excitement and your joy, but I can also feel your apprehension and your longing for acceptance. I will gladly carry you forward, but today is simply one day toward a tomorrow of greater justice. And when the time comes I will gladly pass the torch to the next in waiting, and I will cheer for them as you do for me. Your bravery in the face of threats, your bravery in the face of insults sustains me. We will support each other. Do not fear to dream big dreams. Bring your whole self to everything you do. Face the world with dignity and integrity. I promise you, the pain is worth the reward.”

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