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Annise Parker Becomes Houston’s First Big Gay to Take the Mayor’s Seat


So that was sort of fun. After all the anti-gay mailer campaigns tied to opponent Gene Locke and the typical faith-based fearmongering, Annise Parker still triumphed (with 53.6 percent of the vote, compared to Locke’s 46.4) to become Houston’s first openly gay mayor, becoming the leader of America’s fourth-largest city. She takes office in January. And last night, with wife Kathy Hubbard by her side, she told supporters: “I know what this means to many of us who thought we couldn’t achieve higher office. But let us at this moment join as one community. We are united in making Houston the city it should be, could be, can be and will be.”

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  • transracial

    does anyone know about those two other LGBT candidates who also faced election in houston last night — in this case for city council

  • The Swimmer

    Tell Maggie Gallagher to stuff that in her fat cunt!

  • danfoss

    Congratulations to her and her many supporters!

  • Cr8nguy

    @ 1….lane lewis lost and sue lovell won. so 2 out of 3 aint bad!

  • Keith Kimmel

    This is great news. Proof positive that we CAN win against faith-based fear mongering (I like that term, thanks Queerty, I am gonna borrow it) when we organize together.

    Is the this the largest city to have a queer mayor now?

  • Anyway

    @5 NYC had Ed Koch _ oops did that get typed out loud. Otherwise, yes

  • Forrest

    I hope this serves as a reminder to dial back some of the obnoxious sneering by some on this site towards those of us that live in the South.

  • Attmay

    @2 The Swimmer:

    The whole state of Texas could fit in that breeder bitch’s cunt.

  • naghanenu

    My mum is a Houston Native..she is not pleased…but what does she know??

    Congrats girl…kick them antigay peeps in the nuts

  • edgyguy1426

    Geez, 16% turnout? That’s just shameful, but the results were awesome

  • Blake

    Congrats to Annise. Beyond just being a mayoral election in an off year, the turnout was low because both Parker and Locke are moderately liberal Democrats with pretty similar positions.

  • HellIsWaiting

    God Bless Houston, Texas.

    Now when are all you East and West Coast dip shits going to get YOUR act together? What a victory that people in the deep south, sweaty arm pit of America, Houston, can tap down the anti-gay hate… Yet California remains a dysfunctional, fucked up mess.

    Sue Lovell, also a lesbian, WON, in this city.

    The gays are now in charge. Thank You, Jesus.

  • talaylee


    Isn’t it just sixteen percent turnout? Jesus could’ve done better than that, but what could he do, I mean after all, it still is Houston :)

  • HellIsWaiting


    You pathetic soul.

    A victory is a VICTORY.

    Another way to look at it… is that 92% of this hell hole of a city either did not mind, or actively endorsed, having a lesbian IN CHARGE. ~50% of 16% = ~8% (who voted for Annise) + 84% (who did not vote) = 92%.

    Otherwise, the other 84% would have gotten off their collectives asses and would have voted against the labia licking lesbian. Unlike the hateful fuckwads in CA and Maine who turn out in droves to oppress the gays. Damn those fuckers to hell, or its equivalent, Houston, TX.

  • schlukitz

    Laughs at No. 2 · The Swimmer’s comment. I love it! ;P

  • Religious Right - Eat This!!

    Every City in this country needs a Lesbian as Mayor – I’m sure she’ll kick ass and get things done!

  • reason

    Houston is not deep south, or the sweaty arm pit of America. It is a modern diverse international business hub. The past several mayors have been democrats and term limited including Bill white who is running for governor and Lee Brown. Houston’s gross area product is larger than several developed countries: Houston is a leader in defense, oil & gas, biomedical, aeronautics, and renewable energy. Houston’s economy was barely impacted by the recession being the home to the most fortune 500 companies behind New York city. Any person that has actually traveled to the south knows Texas is rich and nothing like backwater states including Mississippi and Alabama. Texas has several liberal areas, and educated intelligent conservatives. The fact there is now a gay mayor comes as no surprise.

  • Chris

    This is a HUGE win for Houston and GLBT Americans. It is so encouraging to know that the homophobes who launched this nasty campaign were shut down by sensible minded voters.

    Amazingly she had huge support from straight GOP Woman voters citywide. Sue Lovell also won.

    Houston is a great city folks -it may not be a gay mecca like some places you might live, but it has a strong active community.

    Annise Parker will do an amazing job as Mayor. Now, lets elect our old Mayor Bill White as the next Governor of Texas. He is amazing and a huge friend of our community.

  • terrwill

    HOLY THIT, There are a lot of frightwing-nutbag lunatics
    whos heads are currently spinning off their tops right
    about now!! Thank you Houston for giving the Gays a great
    Christmas present! Maybe there is hope after all…….

  • Cam

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that some of our biggest gains have now been in Iowa and TX. Because for too long I think people on the coasts have said “Well yeah, things aren’t perfect here but of course it’s better here for gays than anywhere else. And yet now we have gay marriage in Iowa, and Texas elects an openly gay mayor. Maybe it can help shake things up on other states. Congrats Houston!

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