Anonymous Guys Share The Awful Reality Of Being Trapped In The Closet

Life isn’t meant to be lived in a closet. It’s dark, cramped and smells like moth balls.

The good news is that more and more, people are coming out earlier in life, saving them from years of internal oppression. It’s awful to lie to the people you care about, and in a perfect world we’d never have to.

Still, there are tons of guys still living secret lives, or worse yet, stuffing down their true identities to the point of destruction.

Here are twelve stories from people trapped within the closet on Whisper. For those who might be reading this who are still questioning whether or not to come out, there is light at the other side of the tunnel.

When I was hooking up with a girl today, I was imagining she was a guy because I'm still in the closet

I pretend to be straight at work because my boss is really conservative. But it's worked so far- I just got a raise.  Hate living a lie

I just pretended to be straight in a gay club. Because I went with girls that don't know I'm gay.

I like the idea of coming out, but I'm too ashamed to do it. I'd rather be the obvious gay guy that is pretending to be straight..

I pretend to be homophobic around my frat brothers  to fit in. In reality I'm in  the closet and I'm jealous  of guys who are out

I'm gay and in the closet. I've been in a relationship with a girl for three years out of fear. Don't know how to tell her...

I have a separate tab for straight porn so when my parents walk in at least they don't know I'm gay :P

I'm gay and my boyfriend and I pretend we don't know each other in public cause we're both in the closet. It's killing me.

I've considered online dating...problem is I'm not out yet and I don't want to put my pic up because I'm 99.9% sure someone I know will see me.

I'm gay and my boyfriend told me he loved me but I didn't say it back because I'm still in the closet and I'm scared.

I pretend to be straight just to be accepted by my best friends.

I got drunk at a party once so I didn't have to meet girls my friends tried to set me up with. They don't know I'm gay.