sweet revenge

Anonymous hero gets back at homophobic, racist mom by sharing her secret recipe

Baker with mixing bowl

One formerly-secret family recipe for coffee cake involves flour, eggs, butter, sugar, saffron… and now, a heaping dose of revenge.

An anonymous hero got back at a bigoted baker in their family by sharing the latter’s secret recipe on Facebook, as seen in a Reddit screenshot.

“My mom is racist and homophobic, so I am spite-sharing her secret family coffee cake recipe,” that Facebook user wrote.

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Reddit user u/SCP423 shared the screenshot and the recipe in the r/gay forum, where the post currently has 1,400 upvotes.

In the comments on the post, u/SCP423 specified that the racist, homophobic mother is “fortunately” not their mother; they’re just sharing the “spite cake recipe” with the Facebook user’s blessing.

“Petty,” another user commented.

“Deliciously so,” u/SCP423 replied.

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For all you sugar fiends out there—or for anyone who just wants to stick it to that miserable mom—here is the recipe. Save it while it’s still online!