Another (Alleged) Ex-Lover Sues John Travolta

Embattled movie star John Travolta isn’t going to wrap up 2012 without another alleged gay lover filing a lawsuit. Former pilot Doug Gotterba claims he had a “steamy affair” with the Savages actor and resents receiving a threatening letter from Travolta attorney Marty Singer.

Gotterba claims he never signed a non-disclosure agreement as is therefore free to discuss whatever went on when he was in Travolta’s employ in the 1980s. Singer told  TMZ that Gotterbadid indeed sign a confidentiality agreement—and in fact included the document in his lawsuit.

Singer calls Gotterba’s suit “ridiculous” and claims the pilot is simply trying to get his 15 minute of fame. “We plan to get this meritless case promptly dismissed,” he replied.