Another Alleged Michael Egan Rapist Says He Wasn’t In The Same State

gary-goddard-michael-eganIt seems as though everyone in Hollywood had raped Michael Egan as a teenager, or so claims the 31-year-old currently suing four major Hollywood players whilst shopping a documentary about child sex abuse.

Last week, Egan brought a suit against X-Men director Bryan Singer, in which he claimed the 48-year-old had forcibly raped him multiple times at drug-fueled events that provided underage boys as sexual servants to Hollywood’s most prolific power gays. This week during a press conference, he opened the suit up to include three more alleged rapists — former President of BBC Worldwide America Garth Ancier, former Disney TV President David Neuman, and Broadway producer Gary Goddard.

All four men have denied the allegations, and Singer has reportedly provided proof that he wasn’t even in Hawaii during times the suit claims he raped Egan at an estate in Hawaii.

Today, Gary Goddard speaks for the first time regarding the allegations through his lawyer. In a statement to TMZ, Goddard revealed he was also not even in Hawaii at the time:

Mr. Goddard was not in Hawaii with Mr. Egan. He did not molest or touch or annoy Mr. Egan or commit any of the acts alleged.  Also, he did not furnish drugs or alcohol to any minor at any time.

Wonder who’s next…

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  • Cam

    Singer hasn’t provided proof, his lawyer claims there is proof but won’t show it and hasn’t used it to get a cease and desist or to get the case dismissed.

    One Hotel receipt from outside of Hawaii and this would have already gone away.

  • e.c.

    Cam, you’ve been watching too many TV courtroom shows, lawsuits don’t just magically disappear overnight. Papers have to be served, hearings have to be scheduled, etc. From what I understand none of the accused have even received copies of the complaints yet. Egan’s lawyer has apparently been too busy holding press conferences. And you can’t “cease and desist” someone from suing you.

  • Charlie in Charge

    @Cam: Has anyone on either side provided proof?

  • Stache99

    @Cam: They need time to manufacture the receipts.

  • Cam


    When the case is about something happening in a certain location and somebody else can provide proof that they were not even in that country…as Singer’s attorney has stated, you can file for an immediate dismissal, based on the there not being enough evidence to proceed.

    If they had the unimpeachable evidence that they are claiming Singer’s atty’s would have already gone ahead with it.

    If the case hasn’t been filed and they have that type of proof that Egan is lying then they can file for an immediate injunction against him and any publications from reporting the issue and if their evidence is as good as they claim a court would grant it.

    As for a cease and desist, you CAN get one from speaking to the media if the court determines that Egan is lying due to this overwhelming evidence that Singer’s lawyer claims he has.

    Court cases move incredibly swiftly if the initial claim is immediately provable to be false.

    That hasn’t happened.

  • Spike

    @Cam: Has Egan provided evidence that he was in Hawaii when he claims this happened? One picture hanging out at the pool or beach? Not that I have seen.

  • Stache99

    He’s the only person that I’ve never met so I can’t say whether or not there’s any validity to that.

    Since I know the the others on the list I’m waiting for their responses to make my judgement. Hopefully there will be a little honesty there because I already know what the situation was.

  • jazz4108

    I am sure something happened to Egan at one of many pool partys he attended of Singers. It just looks to me like it might have been welcomed as to why he waited till the statue ran out or he was to messed to remember when it happened and is just following the money trail but I do think this kid was taken advantage of sexually like many at these drug fueled weekly hollywood parties.

  • LubbockGayMale

    How come these so-called molested victims always claim RICH men were the molesters? Why aren’t the accusers pointing the finger at poor men, or even right wing pols? Too convenient for me to accept his accusations, unless he knows the birthmark or tattoo each man has in a very private spot!

  • Stache99

    @LubbockGayMale: Because poor men were not allowed into these parties. They wouldn’t make it as far as security gates. You had to either be rich or young and beautiful. NO middle aged guys of average means would ever be allowed.

  • sejjo

    There’s no such thing as ‘forcible rape’. This is a tautology (repetition, redundancy) as rape is by its nature forcible to begin with.

    *God, my English teacher would be so proud of me.*

  • theowlmike

    Michael Egan’s now exposing certain Hollywood men of raping or molesting him when he was an underage teenager seems a little bit late. The time to have done that was just after it happened not years later. My question is- why was he attending these parties in the first place? I cane out early on in my teenage years. I knew what exactly I wanted (to get my rocks off with an older more experienced man). SO when someone came up to me- saying I could come to a party with other young teenage men and older men, I was there as fast as my legs could get me there. I do believe that a lot of this blaming of loader men years after events happened is just certain men shamed of their past and wanting to blame these events on others. Not that raper and forced sex has happened and continues to happen- these are real crimes and do need to be prosecuted.Michael if you were truly forced to do things against your will then I am glad you are exposing these evil events, but if, as I suspect you are having regrets around your past then please stop using others as scape goat.

  • Cam


    Their evidence would be in trial, but if Singer really has the evidence to show that the claim is false, it is to his benefit to present it immediately and get the case tossed.

  • dances43

    So Egan claims he was “forcibly raped multiple times at drug-fueled events” (note plural – eventS): if he knew he was going to be forcibly raped, why did he keep going back to these events? There’s something highly fishy about all this.

  • scoundrel


    Actually, if Singer’s lawyers haven’t been served yet, they don’t know exactly what dates are in the accusation in order to bring up those receipts. If Singer was to show his receipts first (with dates), then what’s to keep Egan from amending his complaint and saying, “Oh, wait, it was these dates instead.”

  • sangsue

    It’s interesting that in 2000, he won but the people who were supposed to award him 2 mil left the country. It’s very curious that at no time during that lawsuit did he mention Singer. How can he suddenly remember the one person he never mentioned? It’s also interesting that he’s pulling the “gay panic” defense, saying how they forced him into a room, told him he was gay and threatened his family. The focus should be taking advantage of a minor, if that’s the case yet he has to mention that they tried to brainwash him into being gay. Not that it’s not important but it’s not about the sex. It’s not about anything but claiming a rich gay scalp with the help of some lawyer from NOM or AFA or Liberty University or any of that ilk.

    I guess Stache99 is also a mouthpiece

    I’m not saying that if he was abused he shouldn’t be seeking compensation. But I know tons of straight teenaged boys who would never have stood for that, no matter how badly he wanted stardom and he wouldn’t have come back for more! If it’s a casting couch situation then that’s what should be focussed on. The heterosexual casting couch has existed forever but some how the gay casting couch is worse? There is another agenda happening here.

  • BrianZ

    It continues to smell a bit off, but who can say what the truth is at this point?
    I still insist that the timing of the lawsuit and the methods being used seem a bit sensational and aimed at shaming people into a settlement rather than seeking justice. And this documentary too? Holy hell.

  • Allen D.

    @sejjo: I’m pretty sure they mean forcible vs. something like statutory rape (a 20 year old and a 17 year old, for instance).

  • JAW

    This sounds like the catholic priest scandal… the abused were attacked by church members for coming forward… seems like the gay community is doing the same to Michael…

    It could be that the the Hollywood Gays are guilty

  • sejjo

    @Allen D.: Can you sue in a civil action and claim money for statutory rape? US tort and criminal law is so foreign to me.

  • Zodinsbrother

    None of us want to believe this kind of thing is true. But I have no doubt that sexual exploitation is rife in Hollywood. I also have no doubt that rape happens (there are some notable historical examples).

    But the kind of exploitation that is common is not the same thing as rape. It’s a non cash based for of prostitution. Which may be seedy but isn’t technically illegal.

    What makes me wary of this is that there is a long history of cases of accusations being made before cash payments shut people up. The fact is, that isn’t justice, in fact it perpetrated the idea that abusers can buy their way our of trouble. And Egan’s lawyer has previously been involved in exactly those kind of cases.

    When such cases are resolved behind closed doors, it can either be because the case is a strong one and the accused is guilty. Or it can because the trauma of the full trail process is so onerous that even innocent people find it easier to just pay up and get on with their lives. But as these cases are ended in secret we never know the truth and either an abuser gets off free or an innocent person has been blackmailed.

    If Egan has a good case he should be going to the police not a civil case. If there is a conviction then he should sue.

    So I’m not dismissing his case out of hand but I just have serious qualms about this “buy silence” approach to such cases.

  • Cam

    @scoundrel: said…

    Actually, if Singer’s lawyers haven’t been served yet, they don’t know exactly what dates are in the accusation in order to bring up those receipts.”

    Very true, and if they don’t know what the dates are isn’t it fascinating that they are already claiming that Singer couldn’t have been in the country?

    So the choices are this. Either they have been served, know the dates, claim that they have absolute proof he wasn’t in the country and yet for some reason haven’t moved for a dismissal with their overwhelming evidence.


    They haven’t even been served, don’t know the dates and yet are trying to convince people that Singer wasn’t in the country even though they don’t know when the dates are.

    Either one is ridiculous.

  • Hank

    those who accuse, is that it must provide evidence.

  • xzall

    @Cam: They know the dates because Egan’s lawyer held 2 press conferences and said the dates at that time. He verbally gave the information out so Singer’s lawyer is basing his info on that. In addition, he’s saying that Singer was in Toronto for an extended time period, from September until March so that’s why the lawyer is confident that they can provide proof of him not being in Hawaii.

    However as of yesterday, he says he’s still not received the papers suing Singer and he’s asked him numerous times for it. You have to see the papers before and what evidence they have before you can dispute it.

    The perception you’re left with is that Egan’s lawyer is trying this case in the court of public opinion going for the maximum bad publicity he can get. Otherwise why have separate filings and separate press conferences. Why didn’t he just file the case on the 4 men all at once? He even hints there’s more to come and more names that’ll be charged. I do not understand why he’s dragging that out and turning a very serious case into a media circus.

    Just yesterday, this very lawyer lost the 3 cases against Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash because the cases went beyond the statute of limitation and the men couldn’t provide a reason why they didn’t file earlier. One of his clients in this case is also currently in jail for a few months on charges of stealing

  • Cam


    Exactly, I was responding to somebody who claimed that Singer’s lawyers might not know the date, and my response was if he doesn’t that still doesn’t explain their actions…

    With Singer’s lawyers KNOWING the dates, if they had absolute proof that he was out of the country they could move for a dismissal or at least get an injunction against reporting this because it was false. They haven’t done that.

  • jar

    @sejjo: Yes, one can sue for assault and battery under civil law. Rqape would fit into both categories (assault being an immediate threat of violence; battery, physical contact). As for your other point, forcible rape is not just a tautology. There are various degrees of rape under the criminal law. For example, one degree does not require force, but only lack of consent. Note that the definitions/degrees vary from state to state.

  • DickieJohnson

    Already this has gotten tiresome! It seems as though NO facts are known, publicly, yet there no end to conjecture & bullsh*t opinions fron Queerty posters! Never, ever have I seen such a bunch of know-it-alls, who sound like a bunch of pundits on a 24/7 news channel.

  • QuintoLover

    @xzall: I do not understand why he’s dragging that out and turning a very serious case into a media circus.

    Duh, a settlement. The longer he makes them sweat in the spotlight (Singer has a freaking movie he can’t even promote now), the more they’re willing to pay just to get this guy out of there. They could probably win in court if this guy is lying but the damage is happening now and won’t go away until they shut him up.

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