karma's calling

It’s another very, very bad day if your name is Matt Gaetz and you live in Florida

Well, it looks like Karma just dealt a major blow to Rep. Matt Gaetz of the great state of Florida.

Gaetz’s former wingman, Joel Greenberg, just handed over a ton of potentially incriminating documents to prosecutors as part of his ongoing cooperation with the investigation into the antigay lawmaker and his alleged underage sex crimes.

Greenberg presented “thousands and thousands” of photos and videos, as well as years of Venmo and Cash App receipts. He’s also given investigators access to his personal social media accounts and Google Voice text messages, some of which have now been obtained by ABC News.

ABC News reports:

ABC News has reviewed Google Voice text messages from September 2018 that appear to show Greenberg texting with a woman he met online. In the texts, Greenberg appears to discuss payment options and asks the woman, who was of legal age, if she would take drugs; he then sets up a get-together with himself, Gaetz, the woman, and one of her friends.

“I have a friend flying in and we are trying to make plans for tonight. What are your plans for later,” Greenberg wrote to the woman, whose identity ABC News is withholding for privacy purposes. “And how much of an allowance will you be requiring :)” Greenberg added.

The woman responded by telling Greenberg she has “a friend who introduced me to the website that I could bring” and said she “usually” requires “$400 per meet.”

Greenberg then sent the woman a photo of Gaetz taking a selfie with students at Pea Ridge Elementary from a 2017 visit, and wrote, “My friend,” indicating that Gaetz would be the friend joining him.

“Oooh my friend thinks he’s really cute!” the woman responded.

An elementary school? Way to keep it classy, Matt!

According to the media page on his website, Gaetz visited the school on August 29, 2017. You can see the “really cute” photo Greenberg allegedly sent the woman here.

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Another text exchange obtained by ABC News reportedly shows Greenberg arranging a meetup with a different woman and “3-4 guys” at the home of Jason Pirozzolo, the Florida hand doctor who allegedly accompanied Gaetz on that trip to the Bahamas where he may or may not have slept with that 17-year-old.

“I’d like for you to meet Congressman Matt Gaetz,” Greenberg told the woman. “Gaetz is a wild man, but great dude.”

So far, Gaetz not been charged with any crimes and has denied any wrongdoing whatsoever. His spokesperson, Harlan Hill, called the latest story about him “false” and once again suggested this whole thing is part of an elaborate “extortion plot” designed to take down the congressman.

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