UPDATE: Is WBEN’s Douchey Manager Deleting Pro-Gay Votes In His Anti-Equality Poll?

UPDATE: (6/30/11 9:51 AM PST) – Our friend Scott Wooledge at Daily Kos sent us the above shots of the WBEN poll (spaced 30 minutes apart) which suggests that the station is deleting votes… just as one does in a popular autocracy.

Wooledge asked WBEN General Manager Tim Wenger why there was 4 no choices and 1 “ok” choice as well as who wrote the poll and whether it indicative of an overall homophobic environment at WBEN. Wooledge then received this douchey response:

Think about it. It doesn’t matter how many choices there are. You get to vote once for whatever your position may be.

Makes no difference in the outcome of the poll.

Thanks for conveying your displeasure.

Maybe we should start a poll asking whether Tim Wenger is an ass-castle—I vote four times yes.

Remember that one FOX News poll that let you sound off on the ordination of gay clergy by offering one of two responses both condemning homosexuality? Well, WBEN Buffalo is hosting a biased gay-marriage poll with four strongly worded-options against marriage equality and one blandly-worded option that says ‘I’m “OK” with gay marriage.’ Be sure to vote “OK” and then to sign this petition against WBEN’s poll. Also, you can call the station at (800) 616-9236 and let them know how much you appreciate their poll. Also, feel free to call the Ross Eye Institute at 716-881-7900 and ask how they feel about sponsoring this particular poll. Isn’t asking questions rad?