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Another embarrassing tweet from Ivanka Trump backfires, this time in a very big way

She’s at it again, folks! Ivanka Trump wrote another completely useless tweet over the weekend, this time about how so very excited she for some new Louis Vuitton hand bags.

Yesterday, the first daughter tweeted: “President Trump and Bernard Arnault will open new Louis Vuitton factory in Texas next week! Thank you Mr. Arnault for honoring your Pledge to America’s Workers and investing in the USA!!”

Of course, the irony here is so thick it’s almost palpable.

A failed fashion designer who had her own products made overseas crowing about another fashion designer opening a factory in the United States that will employ low wage workers to create luxury handbags they’ll never be able to afford.

Meanwhile, the Kurds are being slaughtered in Syria while ISIS terrorists are being released from prisons in droves, which is all a direct result of her father, to whom she is an “advisor,” hastily ordering the withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria.

And now, the responses…

But they don’t stop there…

Shall we continue?

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