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Another Gay Kid Tormented By Classmates. Another Lawsuit to Force the School to Protect Him


Does the story of 14-year-old Jacob sound familiar? He was harassed relentlessly by fellow students at his school because of his sexuality and appearance — to the point where another student brought a knife, and death threats, to school. “Beginning in the seventh grade and continuing through Jacob’s eighth grade year (in Herkimer County, outside Utica, N.Y.), numerous students relentlessly harassed Jacob because he is gay, dyes his hair, wears eye makeup and speaks in a high-pitched voice. He endured a range of slurs, such as faggot, queer and homo, on a daily basis, occasionally with teachers present. Indeed at least one teacher contributed to this climate of harassment by telling Jacob he should be ashamed of himself for being gay.” And the increasingly familiar part of this story? The ACLU is stepping in and suing the school district for not adequately protecting Jacob.