Another Gay Web Hoax: Some Israeli Guy Pretends To Be A Homo Spurned By The Gaza Flotilla

Remember last year’s “Gaza Freedom Flotilla”? In May 2010, six ships sailed into the Mediterranean with humanitarian aid and construction materials in an attempt to break Israel’s naval blockade. When Israeli forces boarded the ships to escort them to an inspection port, violence broke out one of the vessels, injuring and killing a handful of activists and Israeli military personnel.

Well now there’s another flotilla and a strange YouTube video by a guy named “Marc” who, like Tom McMasters—the guy who blogged as “A Gay Girl In Damascus”—is an Isreali actor masquerading as “Marc”, a gay activist spurned by the Gaza aid flotilla.


According to The Christian Science Monitor, “Marc” made a YouTube video in which:

He claims to have sent an e-mail to a group involved with the flotilla (he doesn’t say which one) offering to bring an LGBT contingent. He says he was turned away and told that gay involvement would be detrimental to the interests of those involved.

He then goes onto say that the flotilla organizers are working with Hamas and support suicide bombers—though the organizers have publicly denounced violence of any sort and have claimed that their work is purely humanitarian, not the result of any Palestinian political group.

Web-sleuth Benjamin Doherty discovered that “Marc” is actually Omer Gershon, an Israeli actor and PR person. Guy Seemann, an employee in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office then tweeted Gershon’s video. Seemann (tee-hee) has since deleted the Twitter link.

The CS Monitor’s Dan Murphy has an idea of why “Marc” created the slickly-produced video and why the Israeli government is now using it as propaganda:

In pro-Palestinian activist circles, the term [pinkwashing] refers to Israel and its supporters use of the lack of freedom for gays and lesbians in Arab countries as a way to paint the Palestinian cause as unworthy. Such activists say that while it’s manifestly true that Israeli gays have more rights than those in neighboring countries, it’s used to obscure the brutal facts of the economic blockade of Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank.

Hmm… pro-Isreali propaganda about Palestinian homophobia. Did Michael Lucas have a hand in creating this video?

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