Another Homophobic Politician Forgets To Register His Name As A URL. D’oh!

State Representative Al Baldasaro (R-NH)  jumped into the brouhaha over the booing of a gay Marine at the recent GOP presidential debate. Of course, he jumped in to say how “disgusted” he was by the out servicemember, not the audience’s inappropriate response.

Oh Al, Al Al.

It’s 2011—Don’t you know you can’t spit out hateful venom like that without some smart-alec cyberqueen getting his revenge on the Web. It turns out Baldasaro, who’s supporting Rick Perry in the 2012 race, never got around to registering AlBaldasaro.com, leaving the door open for someone else to.

Though the site claims its not associated with any candidate, it posts Baldasaro’s recorded remarks about the debate next to President Obama’s speech at the 15th annual HRC National Dinner, where he said his Administration doesn’t”believe in being silent while an American soldier is booed.” A banner headline asks “Which America do you believe in?”

Take a guess.