Another idiotic tweet blows up in Lauren Boebert’s face

Lauren Boebert has once again made a complete fool of herself on Twitter.

The antigay congresswoman from Colorado fired off a tweet yesterday about  “draconian restrictions” put in place during the coronavirus pandemic and how she’s “grateful” to have the strength to rise above such “adversity.”

“Gratitude has been a difficulty in the last year,” Boebert tweeted. “All of us have faced challenges being limited by draconian restrictions. I am grateful for the chance to serve my nation & grateful in knowing strength is developed in adversity.”

“What’s one thing you’re grateful for today?”

But the minute she asked the question she probably regretted it because here’s how people responded…

In other Boebert news, it seems her constituents are growing mighty tired of her antics. On Monday, a group of rural Coloradans held a “Thanks for nothing, Lauren” town hall event in Montrose, Colorado.

“She should listen to all the people in her district,” Eileen Kaser, a registered Republican, told local media. “I don’t feel that Lauren Boebert is representing the interests in Montrose, and in her entire district.”

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.