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Another major “star” just came out as bisexual and a total size queen

Collin Simpson is the #1 most popular performer on the adult site GayHoopla. On Tuesday, the blue-eyed brunette came out as bisexual via Twitter.

“You asked, now here’s the answer! I don’t like to label myself, however if I had to say for certain, I’m bisexual with a preference for women,” he tweeted. “I am sexually attracted to men, but I have yet to experience love for another man like I have had for a woman.”

He followed that up with a second tweet explaining that he’s hooked up with other guys both on and off camera, and that he prefers guys who are tastefully tattooed, muscular, clean cut, with larger-than-average, ahem, members.

“That being said, I HAVE had relations with a man outside of work and, in fact, am searching for my next partner,” he wrote. “I prefer a high level of muscularity; clean cut with tasteful tattoos and a huge c*ck!”

Simpson went on to say that “very curious” to see what a relationship with a man might be like. A relationship that goes beyond just sex, that is:

He continued by comparing love to… ice cream?

Being in love, he added, is all about making sacrifices:

And that real love is blind. It knows no race, no gender, no sexual orientation and NO LIES:

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