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Another male adult performer has recorded his sexy times on an airplane

Diego Barros

Remember Austin Wolf, the adult film performer who filmed his hookup with a flight attendant in a Delta airplane bathroom? He has apparently inspired another adult performer to film his own mid-flight sexy times.

Unlike Wolf, Diego Barros hasn’t performed in a mainstream adult film (at least, as far as we know). Instead, he runs Coconut Supply, a men’s underwear and apparel line. He also has several social media accounts — each with hundreds of thousands of followers — in which he poses shirtless, in skimpy undies and swimwear, and often nude and aroused.

According to the NSFW gay adult gossip site The Sword, Barros recently released a video of himself pulling out of his penis on mid-flight. Seated in his own first-class seat, he shakes his member at the camera and then quietly tucks it sideways into his briefs, bringing a single finger to his lips, as if asking his viewers to keep it a secret.

He then drapes his arm across his face, pulls a blanket over his crotch and falls asleep.

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Despite the video’s naughty, exhibitionist appeal, pulling out your junk on a flight is against the law and can get you arrested.

In January 2017, the Royal Dutch airlines KLM investigated a passenger when a fellow passenger told the Irish tabloid The Sun about discovering him masturbating under a blanket while watching adult films on his phone.

In July 2018, a United Airlines passenger caught masturbating on a flight was met by law enforcement officials soon after his plane landed.

Wolf, the aforementioned mainstream adult performer, found himself and his sexual partner under investigation by Delta Airlines for their recorded romp. So at least Barros involved only himself. (Well, himself and anyone who might’ve seen him.)

So while we can’t condone Barros’ behavior, let’s appreciate some of his other sexy shots on his Instagram below.

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