Another One Bites the Dust

Usually we hate taking pleasure in other people’s failures (okay, maybe “hate” is a bit of a stretch) but not when the people in question are the once almighty Christian Coalition. The group, which was founded by Pat Robertson (pictured) in his unholy quest to squash everything gay, has lost another affiliate, 365 Gay reports.

Joining Ohio, Iowa, and Alabama, the Georgian branch of haters has cut ties with the infirmed organization, saying: “The Christian Coalition of America has left us, we have not left them.” Why? The Coalition has been pumping more energy into enviornmental and wage issues.

Damn, these anti-gay folk are even more ignorant than we thought. Doesn’t everyone care about increasing minimum wage? Does this mean they would rather be starving in a cess pool than even consider giving gays marriage rights? Dumb fucks.

While the group has removed itself from The Coalition roster, they’ll continue on their merry mary-hating way. Great.