Another OnlyFans star comes out as pro-COVID, accuses people of being intolerant of his opinions

Another day, another internet porn star casually talking about eugenics and how coronavirus is a great way to weed out people who don’t deserve to live any longer because they’re too old, too sick, or both.

First it was former Corbin Fisher model Quin Quire saying he doesn’t think COVID-19 is “deadly enough.” Now, it’s OnlyFans performer Rocky Vallarta calling it a #BoomerRemover.

Vallarta got into a heated exchange with fans yesterday on Twitter, during which he made all sorts of outrageous claims about coronavirus, including saying people are taking it too seriously and that lockdowns shouldn’t be enforced just so “someone’s grandma can live a few more years.”

“Everyone’s gonna die at some point,” Vallarta said in one tweet. “The sooner we accept it, the sooner we’ll be able to move forward instead of living in fear.”

“The amount of suicides has gone up but it’s not being discussed,” he said in another. “Poverty, economic distress and all is being caused just so someone’s grandma can live a few more years.”

To be very clear, anyone, regardless of their age or heath, can die from COVID-19.

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When someone pointed out that COVID-19 disproportionately affects minority communities, Vallarta replied, “I believe you’re referring to ‘poor people that need to work to survive’, don’t make it a racial issue because it’s not. This is a worldwide thing so don’t narrow it like that.”

After igniting a firestorm, Vallarta posted a followup tweet scolding people for not being more open to his personal opinions on something he knows absolutely nothing about.

“Shaming people into agreeing with you is only gonna cause more dissent,” he tweeted. “Listen to people and express yourself properly and politely to reach a common ground or to change your view. Don’t be a dick just cuz you think you read more stuff than someone.”

He followed that up with a second self-righteous rambling, saying, “I really wish people got off their high horse when talking to other people online. It’s ok to have different opinions, it’s even better to discuss them without insulting anybody so we can keep an open conversation and exchange ideas.”

To date, the U.S. has recorded 9 million coronavirus cases and 231,000 COVID-related deaths. Health experts believe the current increase is being driven largely by people who are asymptomatic and are continuing to urge people to wear masks and practice social distancing.

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