Blind Item

Another prominent Democratic presidential candidate rumored to be coming out as gay

Get the salt folks: there’s some major gossip floating around.

Scuttlebutt site Blind Gossip reports that unnamed sources claim that another major Presidential candidate is on the verge of coming out of the closet. The reason: Buttigieg envy.

Said candidate has reportedly lived in the closet for fear that coming out as gay would harm his political career. Now, after witnessing the massive donor haul by the South Bend, IN Mayor, the closet candidate wants to come out. Having kept several girlfriends in the past, reports say he might come out as bisexual so as not to look like an opportunist or a liar.

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Out-gay Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has rocked the political world by ascending to the top of opinion polls for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Along with his rising poll numbers, Buttigieg has also snagged major donations, and captured the hearts (and pocketbooks) of major gay celebrities like Ryan Murphy and Greg Berlanti

Speculation continues over the true identity of the candidate. We at Queerty couldn’t help but notice that two other prominent Democrats, Cory Booker and John Hickenlooper, both remain single. Hickenlooper was previously married to a woman, but divorced. Rumors have long circulated about Booker’s bachelorhood, though the New Jersey Senator has denied that he’s gay.