Another Travolta Lawsuit—But This One’s For Libel

He might have a new movie out (Oliver Stone’s Savages), but John Travolta keeps making headlines for all the wrong reasons: A new lawsuit filed in L.A. claims Travolta and his lawyer made false statements to put the kibosh on a book that would spill the T on the embattled actor.

In 2010 Robert Randolph was getting ready to publish You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again, a sort of Hollywood Babylon of health clubs, when, he claims, Travolta attorney Martin Singer spread rumors about Randolph’s mental health.

The book was eventually published in February 2012, just a few months before a litany of sexual-harrasment charges were filed against the Pulp Fiction star.

Singer called Randolph’s suit “absurd” and indicated he intended to countersue “for malicious prosecution after the court promptly dismisses this baseless lawsuit.”

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