Another Trump boat parade ends in shipwreck and disaster

How was your Labor Day Weekend? It was probably better than these people’s…

Over a dozen vessels swamped, capsized, and sank during a Trump boat parade on Lake Travis near Austin, Texas on Saturday.

Hundreds of people, dressed in their finest American flag swim trunks and bikinis, turned out for the event, which resulted in several boats resting at the bottom of the lake.

The Statesman reports:

The Travis County sheriff’s office said it received 15 distress calls about boats taking on water, stalled engines, capsized boats and boats sinking. The sheriff’s office also received three additional reports of boats taking on water from a local towing company, according to a news release Sunday. Three boats were towed out and two remain submerged, the sheriff’s office said.

The parade kicked off Saturday afternoon around noon. The water was calm, but because people were carelessly tearing around in their motor boats, several large wakes were created, making the water choppy and unsafe.

“Weather conditions on Lake Travis were calm,” the sheriff’s office, which received the first distress call around 12:15 p.m., said in a news release.

“When the large number of boats began moving together, the wakes generated large waves in areas where participating boats were dense.”

No injuries were reported. But this isn’t the first time a Trump boat parade has resulted in a vessel sinking. Just a couple of weeks ago, a parade in Portland, Oregon sank a small boat on the Willamette River.

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