Another Type Of Beauty Pagaent

so gay

If you’ve noticed an influx in recent days of coiffed hair and cheap perfume invading New York then you’re undoubtedly aware that the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is in town. And it’s not just the dog’s owners with the teased up hair these days, it’s the dogs too.

The gays have always loved cute, precious dogs. They’ve also always been champions of grooming. So it’s only natural that the two have finally collided. The Times has glimpsed into the world of show dog owners to reveal a pageant world a little too Jonbenet Ramsey if you ask us.

The world of show dogs is not much different: hairspray and “volumizer” on the fur, corn starch on the mouth to absorb drool, cream to cover tear-stained noses, chalk to whiten a coat, even black markers or makeup to disguise imperfections.

Some handlers said they had seen contestants with hair extensions and dye jobs – and they were referring to the dogs. “It’s about doing whatever it takes to make the dog look good,” said Manny Comitini, sitting backstage at Madison Square Garden primping a Maltese named Kisses yesterday, the first day of the two-day Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

“But the judges don’t seek them out, and they don’t call them out.”

A queen named Manny with a Maltese named Kisses? We couldn’t make this shit up even if we tried.

Hairspray and Gel Keep Fur From Flying at Westminster
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