Another Week, Another Round Of Anti-Queer Violence

Have you had a good week? Well it’s about to get a lot worse.

Readers appreciated last week’s roundup of anti-LGBT violence, so we’re doing it again. It’s vandalism-a-go-go this week with a little bit of good news as police in several cases have finally released suspect descriptions. Nevertheless, it totally bums us out that we can so easily do a round up of queer bashings.

The week we can’t, we’ll make sure to throw a party.

Thamesmead, London, UK: When leaving for work one morning, Anthony Rivers’ boyfriend discovered that someone had spray-painted the word “sinner” on their door. From that point they started receiving hate mail including letters that Rivers would “burn in hell” for being homosexual and another saying, “men should only lay with women.”  His apartment complex failed to remove the paint for four days and even now have not repaired the door. Rivers (pictured above) was referred to a psychologist and put on antidepressants amid the stress of the situation; but mostly he just wants to move out.

Immokalee, Florida: Five men jumped Manuel Galan, 27, and his friend Cirildo Soliz, 21, in the middle of the street while pedestrians walked by doing nothing. The assailants kicked and punched the two in the face, ribs and limbs while screaming anti-gay slurs. After, one of the men told Soliz, “I’m going to kill you and I know where you live.”

Once they broke free Galan and Soliz refused hospital care but have pressed charges. Galan says that a local gang, Brown Pride, might be to blame for the attack and that he is actually friends with some of his attackers’ mothers. He also indicated he didn’t leave his home for a month after the assault.

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  • Michael

    Sick fucks and they say people who are GAY are insane? I think all these stories prove once and for all who the sick deranged unstable insane ones are and its not gay americans period.

    Take the plank out of your own eye before trying to change others.

    Concentrate on your own backyards first bigots.

  • Michael

    RIP also to Dr. Gaurav Gopala and all the other victims of hate.Yet ANOTHER senseless act of violence and hate against someone who is gay.People truly do hate and fear what they do not understand.No education no ethics no values no morals no decency no humanity in ANY of these people.Despicable.

  • gayfrog

    Jesus Christ. This world is really deep sick.

    The murder of Dr. Gaurav Gopala is particularly symbolic of the “education vs. stupidity” conflict that homophobia and anti-gay hate are.

    @Michael, you are wrong, the Bible says it is OK to stone gays, so all these brave people were only being faithful Christians expressing their First Amendment right to freedom of speech by strongly voicing their disagreement with the gay “lifestyle” and how it destroys our values and are dangerous role models for the children. And also, they acted out of gay panic because they were accosted by gays, so they can’t be held responsible; if any, the victims are responsible.

  • Michael


    Im gonna go out on a limb here and hope what you just wrote is sarcasm.It definitely looks like it to me lol It reminds me of a verse I use against hypocritical Christians I always tell them that it also says you should stone disobedient children so I write ” gives you stones and tells you to knock yourselves out * RUN KIDS mommy and daddy have stones… AGAIN! :)

  • CBRad

    The Dane Hall case maybe shouldn’t be listed with these others til we know for sure. A lot of us believe his claim of gaybashing is questionable (with his history of arrests). The police are investigating drug angles as well.

  • Myles MacLean

    Copies of these articles should be sent to the Republican Presidential candidates and to all the religious bigots so that they are aware of the fallout from their bigoted statements.

  • CBRad

    @Myles MacLean: Uhhh….I don’t think most of these gaybashers are Republicans, nor listen to Republicans.

  • thom


  • Guillermo3

    I’m confused by the writing Llovar & Evans:One line describes bystanders’ saying they saw 2 white men.The next paragraph describes the two men and finishes with:”both are black.” CLARIFICATION,PLEASE.

  • just sayin

    Come on Queerty, where’s the stupid joke to go with the Pittsburgh prison rape story? You’re really slipping. People here just love a good prison rape joke. They’ll even tell you that you have no sense of humor if you don’t think violent prison rape is a real knee slapper!

  • DJ

    @Sebizzar: that is sad wtf is wrong with in tears…just fucking wow..

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