Another Week, Another Round Of Anti-Queer Violence

Have you had a good week? Well it’s about to get a lot worse.

Readers appreciated last week’s roundup of anti-LGBT violence, so we’re doing it again. It’s vandalism-a-go-go this week with a little bit of good news as police in several cases have finally released suspect descriptions. Nevertheless, it totally bums us out that we can so easily do a round up of queer bashings.

The week we can’t, we’ll make sure to throw a party.

Thamesmead, London, UK: When leaving for work one morning, Anthony Rivers’ boyfriend discovered that someone had spray-painted the word “sinner” on their door. From that point they started receiving hate mail including letters that Rivers would “burn in hell” for being homosexual and another saying, “men should only lay with women.”  His apartment complex failed to remove the paint for four days and even now have not repaired the door. Rivers (pictured above) was referred to a psychologist and put on antidepressants amid the stress of the situation; but mostly he just wants to move out.

Immokalee, Florida: Five men jumped Manuel Galan, 27, and his friend Cirildo Soliz, 21, in the middle of the street while pedestrians walked by doing nothing. The assailants kicked and punched the two in the face, ribs and limbs while screaming anti-gay slurs. After, one of the men told Soliz, “I’m going to kill you and I know where you live.”

Once they broke free Galan and Soliz refused hospital care but have pressed charges. Galan says that a local gang, Brown Pride, might be to blame for the attack and that he is actually friends with some of his attackers’ mothers. He also indicated he didn’t leave his home for a month after the assault.