Anthony Burrows Nabbed For Forcing 2 Lesbians To Pleasure Him In 21-Year-Old Cold Case

Anthony Burrows is 55, a father of three, a churchgoer, and a former baker who is now unemployed. He is also heading into a 12-month jail sentence in Britain for a crime he committed way back in 1990, where he broke into a lesbian couple’s home and tried forcing the then-27-and-28-year-old women to have sex with each other in front of him.

Former baker Burrows, 55, followed the two women to an address in Camberwell, south London, before entering the property. Hours later, at around 3.45am, Burrows donned a surgical mask and a red beret before letting himself into the property, the Old Bailey heard. After waking the terrified couple, then aged 27 and 28, he began performing a sex act upon himself and, sniggering, demanded the pair have sex in front of him. ‘I want you to make love to your girlfriend,’ he ordered. But the women refused and instead he forced them to carry out a sex act on him while he grunted ‘like an animal’, the court heard. Later, as he left their bedroom, he waved and warned them not to scream.

Burrows, the court heard, has a “overwhelming desire to expose” himself; he was convicted in 1983 after he knocked on the window of a woman’s home and jerked off when she appeared. He also initially denied any recollection of the 1990 incident, until he realized prosecutors had conclusive DNA evidence — which cracked the cold case. It also means, I’m guessing, Burrows splooged all over his victims’ home.