Jury Conflicted On Queer Killer

Anthony Fortunato Guilty In Sandy Murder

Anthony Fortunato will go to prison for his role in Michael Sandy’s 2006 death.

Fortunato and his friends lured Sandy to a Brooklyn highway and attacked him. Fearing for his life, Sandy ran into traffic, where a thoughtless – and unidentified – vehicle hit the 29-year old. He died a few days later.

The jury apparently had a tough time deciding what to do with Fortunato, who came out during the trial. Eric Zaccar, the 46-year old jury foreman, said, I’m never going to feel good about this. Not one person on that jury believed that it was a hate crime.” Zaccar and his peers convicted Fortunato of manslaughter as a hate crime.
The twelve men and women evidently struggled with Fortunato’s verdict, particularly the hateful aspect: “…No one felt he had any hatred or animosity toward homosexuals… No one thought he was a bad kid.”

Fortunato will be sentenced next month.

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