Boxers or Briefs?

Anthony Weiner Apologizes for Cyber-Seduction But Not For Chest Waxing

After Anthony Weiner  claimed a hacker had stolen and posted a photo of his aroused privates clothed under grey underpants, the NY democratic congressman needed a stronger story to explain how more sexually-suggestive pics kept popping up.

This morning right-wing agitator Andrew Breitbart released a photo on his site,, that it claims Weiner used to cyber-seduce women. The photo depicts a smooth, chiseled chest with a familiar chin. (It would probably do pretty decent traffic on Gawker pointed out that framed photos of Weiner with his wife and Bill Clinton can be spotted on the mantle behind the topless figure.

“The picture was of me, and I sent it,” Weiner said this afternoon as he apologized for originally lying about his accounts being hacked. But he did NOT have sex with that woman! “I have never met any of these women and have never had physical relations of any kind.”

Weiner said he cannot disqualify Breitbart’s claim that Breitbart has been enjoying, er, holding onto an an x-rated photo of Weiner, yet to be released.

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