Anthony Weiner Dances To Song Calling For Killing Lesbians And Gays

Anthony Weiner, the Ansel Adams of crotch selfies, has a new embarrassment to deal with. The one-time front runner in the New York City mayoral race, Weiner’s campaign has been on life support ever since word that he had assumed the name Carlos Danger to continue his sexting ways. Now video has emerged of Weiner dancing happily to a song that calls for the murder of lesbians and gay men.

At the West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn this weekend, Weiner decided to get down (if you can call dad dancing that) to a Jamaican dancehall song, Bumbo Red. According to Gawker, which posted the video, Bumbo Red’s lyrics would never qualify it for the official song of Gay Pride:

Lick a shot inna a battyman head!

Lick a shot inna a lesbian head!

All sodomite dem fi dead,

All lesbian dem fi dead.

In Weiner’s defense, the words are hard to make out. But for someone whose entire candidacy has become a punchline, Weiner hardly needs to look any more clueless than he’s proven himself to be already. That’s particularly true after a summer characterized by an outburst of vicious gay bashings that included murder.

Not that it matters to the election results: Weiner is in the single digits in the polls, suggesting that if the entire rest of the field dropped out, the citizens of New York would probably opt for Nick Gruber as a write-in candidate before they’d cast their votes for Weiner.

The lesson: no matter how catchy the beat, make sure you listen to the lyrics.