Anthony Weiner Shows Us How To Take Locker Room Grindr Pics

We already know that Wienergate culprit New York Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner shaves his balls. But did you know that he also knows how to take darn good snapshots of himself at the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building? It’s true! So for all you who would like to know how to look DILFY at age 46, check out our handy gallery and let Weiner show you how it’s done.

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  • Meowzer

    He has a hot body… and a nice package. He kinda makes me hard just looking at him.

  • Cam

    Nice to know that he’s spending his time on the Hill running around in a towell taking grindr shots of himself. Anybody that tries to claim being a Congressmen is a lot of work is kidding themselves.

  • Mark

    I’d do ‘im.

  • Jaroslaw

    Meowzer – What was the number of the photo here that helped you determine he has a nice package? Yeah, his body is pretty good for his age.

    I know I’m going to catch it for saying this, but strangely enough I was talking to a straight friend recently – he’s been married for 25 years and he swore to me that he had sex with his wife 19 times in 24 hours when he was 25 years old (He’s 50 now). Reading excerpts from Kinsey’s report in various magazines, there are some people who are anomalies….anything is possible. This burden of hypersexuality does not mean its owner is absolved of responsibility but that much desire would be a lot to deal with.

  • Pete n SFO

    #3 is a personal fave… but can we get rid of all those logo displays?

    And where’s the cock-shot that I saw the other day- it’s not right to break up a set.

  • christopher di spirito

    Anthony Weiner is a narcissist. He’s the type of guy who needs to look at a mirror of himself when he has sex with his glamorous wife, Huma Abedin, in order to get off.

  • Jeffree

    Now that Weiner is encased in sex rehab, another member of Congress will have to take up the slack on Grindr. [And we don’t mean you, Olympia Snowe, though we love you and all.]

    When Anthony steps down from his seat, he has a career awaiting him in the grindrsphere, showing other hot-pops how to take the most flattering fotos of their mancandy.

  • TMikel

    Weiner is an extreme narcissist. That he feels a need to take such photos and post them shows a very poorly developed and infantile view of himself. His need for external validation is appalling. That this man is a congressman shows the depth to which we, as a people, have sunk. Whatever happened to election the best for public office. He obviously has an illness and needs treatment – once he resigns his office.

  • John D

    He’s got my vote.

  • George412

    The man might have a nice body for “his age”….actually at any age. I know guys half his age that don’t look that good. Only problem is that I’m a face guy and once I saw Anthony’s face I wouldn’t be interested in seeing anything else. He isn’t very attractive.

  • dvlaries

    If you don’t think he’s everything in the looks department today, Google his high school picture like I just did, and there’s your proof how far success can go in making geek disappear.

  • George412

    @dvlaries: Oh my! That photo explains a lot. He has been rebelling againist his inner geek for decades. Am I crazy or does he look like a lesbian?

  • Nathan

    He’s old enough to be my dad or grandpa! :O but damn, he is hot! ;D

  • Tuck


    Right, because he shouldn’t have any sort of personal life. A few selfpics must mean he really has nothing to do as a congressman.

    Try unclenching. It makes life so much more pleasurable.

  • Christ, Get Over Yourselves Judgemental Bitches

    He’s a narcissist! Whine whine bitch whine moan judge. Like you Manhunt whores don’t have something similar (or worse) up already. I think it was Dan Savage who pointed out that he’s not one of these hypocritical family values guys and he’s doing nothing different than millions of people are doing every friggin day. I love this ivory tower we seem to place our politicians in. I guess that’s so it will really hurt when we push them off. I say good for him. Shame on you. It’s his marriage, his life. Isn’t that the same shit we keep going around preaching all the fucking time. Christ, you cunts are such hypocrites. If it wasn’t for this obsessive gossip culture we live in, you wouldn’t even have these pics to whine about. Count your blessings.

  • SpireaX

    @Christ, Get Over Yourselves Judgemental Bitches: FINALLY, someone with some sanity and perspective here. Some of the comments here are ageist and sexist. With people like these, no wonder we are further along in gaining equal rights than we should be.

  • dvd

    He looks so lanky in clothes, I’d never expect he had a hot bod underneith.

  • George412

    @Christ, Get Over Yourselves Judgemental Bitches:

    Most guys on here and Manhunt aren’t elected political officials and they aren’t married. A public official has different standards to uphold. If they don’t want to then don’t run for political office. Weiner’s behavior shows bad judgment and he isn’t suitable to represent. If he cheats on his wife then he will certainly cheat on the people he was elected to represent.

  • SteveH

    Many young people do not seem to realize that photos posted on facebook are both “public” and “permanent”. Many do not seem to understand that things sent in twitter or email are “public”. It really isn’t much of a surprise that a 40 year-old congressman would make the same mistake. He should have known better, of course, but clearly he just didn’t. It was a dumb thing to do.

    The real ethical violation was lying about it, after it became public. But then, politicians don’t seem to worry about lying, either. I recall an old truism: “How do you tell when a politician is lying?” Answer: “His lips are moving.” It is unfortunate, but that really is not a joke.

    So, what has he done that almost every politician has not done? They all do dumb things for sex. And they all lie.

    Perhaps, Weiner’s real violation was that he got caught.

  • B

    Re No. 20 · SteveH, “Many do not seem to understand that things sent in twitter or email are “public”. It really isn’t much of a surprise that a 40 year-old congressman would make the same mistake. He should have known better, of course, but clearly he just didn’t. It was a dumb thing to do.”

    Things sent in email to a single recipient are private – technically it is a violation of U.S. copyright law for someone to republish an email. Weiner didn’t fail to understand what is public versus person-to-person using Twitter: he simply pushed the wrong button (or whatever the Twitter equivalent to that is). What he failed to realize is that, if you repeat an operation enough times, eventually you will make a random and completely unintentional mistake. He apparently intended to send the first picture to a single person and simply screwed up with Twitter’s user interface. Then everyone else came out of the woodwork (for whatever reason).

  • damon459

    I can’t believe this is getting the attention it is I guess it’s a “nice” distraction from the real issues of this country? Are we so bored as a society that someone’s semi-nude pic’s become front page news? WTF cares I don’t what he does when he’s off the clock is none of my business. And to those future politicians out there now might the time to search the net and get rid of every nude or semi-nude pic you ever posted or sent since we obviously still live in a tight A*& puritan society. *rolls eyes*

  • iDavid

    He broke many rules in rule book A, cheating lying betrayal. In rule book B he only broke one rule. He got caught. When you break that rule, book A and B clamp down on ya like a Wiener in a vice.

  • Moral Fistshaking

    When are we going to grow up and break this ridiculous OMG! Santa Claus isn’t real? naivete that embraces this country? He wasn’t sexting while passing laws or anything. His own time. And you don’t know anything about his marriage. The divorce rate in this country is around half. I even doubt many outside that percentage have the okay to cast stones. And Damon459 is right. This is distracting a whole bunch of people from much bigger issues. But then to see this community lambast him for things that are clearly none of our business is just saddening. The logic that he’s cheating on his wife (no proof of that, BTW) = he’s a lying politician is infantile and ignorant. Again, it wasn’t your marriage, so why you so upset. You people are acting like mom and dad are (sniff, sniff) getting a divorce. And all this crap in recent years that every time a celebrity is caught drunk, they have to give some creat mea culpa and admit they have an addiction and go into rehab. The same thing with any indiscretion. Suddenly, they have a sex addiction and must seek treatment. Where does this shit come from? Puritanical is right, Damon459.

  • Jersey

    One thing I’ve learned in all of this, NEVER become involved in politics because if you show any humanity they will crucify you like that jesus dude. Oh and the majority of people out there are perfect and would never stoop to the level of having a sexual persona.

  • alan Balehead

    MOst people seem to be mocking him because they are “jealous” of him because of the fit body…just sayin….

  • alan Balehead

    All hate against sex these days….hmmmm…

  • ZT

    I don’t dilike Weiner as a person, at all, and don’t feel too strongly about this whole mess, but….who in the world thinks THIS guy is hot?! that face?! He looks like Arnold Horshack.

  • ZT


  • robert in NYC

    Weiner didn’t even break any laws and this wasn’t even a sex scandal since he never had sex with any of the women whom he emailed.

    I find it the height of hypocrisy that republicans are calling for his resignation, not just democrats, yet David Vitter committed a serious crime when he solicited 5 prostitutes for sex, two of whom he called directly from his cell phone while on the floor of the House. This from a man who espoused pro-family values and the sanctity of marriage. It gets better, after the scandal broke, he returned to Congress and received a standing ovation and his fellow republicans helped get him re-elected. If Weiner resigns, then so should Vitter. When bigot Eric Cantor was asked about Vitter recently, his response…”its a family matter”. Really? Why aren’t they going after serial adulterers Gingrich and Giuliani, both pro-family, sanctity of marriage proponents?

  • Jeffree

    Next time you vote, remember to consider which politician’s pics you want to see on grindr & the twittersphere…. We’re not looking for Mr/Ms Congeniality here, we want the whole package.
    — — — —
    In all seriousness, Weiner wasn’t banging interns or using Fed money to buy his mistress a penthouse. If what he did was the worst a politician ever did in office, Congress would be more moral than ever.

    We have wars to deal with, an economy in the [email protected], and civil rights to worry about. Let’s focus on getting that stuff right.

  • robert in NYC

    What ever happened to those rumors about John Boehner banging two female lobbyists? Why isn’t Breitbart investigating that one? Or is it as Eric Cantor says, “a family matter” like he did when asked about David Vitter recently?

  • prohomo

    I can’t believe he did this and not think it could go public. He was such a brilliant spokesman for exposing republican crap and for justice.

  • R.A,

    TMZ can’t possibly own the copyright to Weiner’sd photos, so what’s with the watermark?

  • I Dunno But...

    @christopher di spirito: And chant “peach, I think I’ll have it painted peach” in the middle of it. Narcissistic bitch is NOT a DILF. Thank.You.No

  • shannon


  • Atomicrob

    Much ado about nothing. On the spectrum of sexual fetishism, this is a 2, maybe. So he has a narcissistic personality disorder, what politician doesn’t?

  • robho3

    If you New Yorkers make him your mayor you are all crazy

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