Offers Ridiculous Criticism Of Elementary Law

Not Anti-Gay Activist Likes Homophobic Bullying

Ridiculous has a new name, and it’s Steve Wiegand. The Sacramento-based journo spent some ink this week decrying poking fun at SB 777, the anti-bully bill Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed earlier this month. Wiegand’s analysis is at once hilarious and frightful:

…Today’s topic: The injustice of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger having signed Senate Bill 777, which was authored by state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, who is widely known to be a lesbian. Which is like a homosexual, only female.

Anyway, folks, this here SB 777 should have been numbered 666, since it is truly the devil’s work.

What this bill would do, according to Kuehl, is clarify, codify and make more orderly a law that has already been on the books for five years. Basically, it would make it clear that discriminating against – i.e., bullying, assaulting, taunting, ridiculing, spitting on, cursing or denigrating – someone at school because their sexual preferences don’t square with your own is illegal.

That’s pretty devilish.

[Apologies to Wiegand. We misinterpreted his words as hateful, when, in fact, they are quite hilarious. Frightfully so..]

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