Offers Ridiculous Criticism Of Elementary Law

Not Anti-Gay Activist Likes Homophobic Bullying

Ridiculous has a new name, and it’s Steve Wiegand. The Sacramento-based journo spent some ink this week decrying poking fun at SB 777, the anti-bully bill Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed earlier this month. Wiegand’s analysis is at once hilarious and frightful:

…Today’s topic: The injustice of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger having signed Senate Bill 777, which was authored by state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, who is widely known to be a lesbian. Which is like a homosexual, only female.

Anyway, folks, this here SB 777 should have been numbered 666, since it is truly the devil’s work.

What this bill would do, according to Kuehl, is clarify, codify and make more orderly a law that has already been on the books for five years. Basically, it would make it clear that discriminating against – i.e., bullying, assaulting, taunting, ridiculing, spitting on, cursing or denigrating – someone at school because their sexual preferences don’t square with your own is illegal.

That’s pretty devilish.

[Apologies to Wiegand. We misinterpreted his words as hateful, when, in fact, they are quite hilarious. Frightfully so..]

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  • Dawster

    so a lesbian is a homosexual AND a female??


  • Lair

    My sexual orientation isn’t a preference, it’s how I’m wired. The law must not apply to me even though I’m gay.

  • Speedsausage

    Dear Queerty,

    In the future, can I suggest that you read the ENTIRE article before you label Wiegand a homophobe. Had you done so, you may have concluded, as I did, that this was a pretty successful attempt at satire. I’ve included the last 4 paragraphs to illustrate my point.

    “No, this has to do with preserving traditional American values. Marriage should be between a man and a woman. People should drive on the right side of the road. Witches should be burned.

    And it’s not like homosexuals don’t have a choice. Countless scientific studies, several by actual scientists, have shown that homosexuality is strictly a voluntary preference, like choosing between thick crust or thin, Giants or Dodgers, listening to Rush Limbaugh or filling your ears with fire ants.

    Plenty of people who are addicted to cigarettes quit smoking, often without surgery. Short people, with perseverance, can get taller. And gay people can learn to be un-gay.

    But not if we keep trying to treat them as equals.”

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Speedsausage – first of all, your alphamale testosterone-filled moniker provides me with all the imagery I need to flesh you out in my mind.

    Secondly, the “choice” issue has been debunked by every, and I mean every, significant medical, psychological, sociological, pediatric professional association in every civilised nation on earth. The “scientific” studies by far right wing think tanks begin with the conclusion of the theocon and seek discredited individuals to make their point.

    Voluntary and choice are the neocon secular terms and abominable sin is the neocon words of “voluntary preference”.
    The planet Earth scientific community laughs or cries with derision at the theocratic definitions of the US kool aid drinkers. This is true when the fascist enablers regurgitate the misinformation of their media gods for the purpose of minority enslavement.

    Go hide your sausage with the alacrity your moniker suggests. Remember that your patriarchal duty is to pour the primordial soup throughout the world, regardless of whether she wants you or not.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    erratum – abominable sin are the theocon words..

  • Judiasmaximus

    Um, Rev RES:
    First of all – the paragraphs that speedsausage posted to clarify Weigand’s intent further prove that the piece was entirely sarcastic.

    Second of all – I couldn’t discern an ounce of meaning from your retort, except that you think that Weigand’s peice was sincere.

    Thirdly – I would have thought that someone “academic” enough to use phrases such as “fascist enablers,” “minority enslavement,” “alacrity,” and “patriarchal duty” would understand that starting an argument by dismissing someone based on their posting name is juvenile, proves nothing, and ultimately is reminiscent of … bullying?

    This whole episode reminds me of the Garrison Keillor bit about gay parenting, although having come across as negative, was actually supportive of gays, and was probably the best way to introduce the normalcy of gay parents to Keillor’s (likely) set-in-their-ways audience.

  • Judiasmaximus

    erratum – oh, not really, I just like using words like this.

    Reading the comments on the original article’s site (comments which seem to catch the humor of the piece), I again am a bit afraid that knee-jerk reactions by gay commentators to sarcastic writings on our behalf likely only makes writers cautious to continue writing this way. Sarcasm/satire/irony is a very powerful writing tool, and we should (as gays, yes, but as readers in general) try to get the whole story before making judgements. Isn’t that what we ask of others?

  • mr tibbs

    what’s a lesbian?

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Greetings from the UK…

    I always thought that I had a dry sense of humour. Speedsausage got the fact that I understood that his posting was sarcastic humour.
    Speedsausage got it, and knew what I meant.

    Judas the Great, on the other hand, felt that I needed a bitch slap more than a kiss on the cheek (well, a bitch slap on either cheeks is painful, ouch, Judas) LOL no ROFL.

    You have to stop it Judas, someone will get the idea that you don’t like me, or that “I got your (Maximus Judas)goat, eh?

    The only “erratum” was your take on my post. God bless you, for I must believe that you are a very nice person when you don’t engage in these behaviours. I will pray for your better sense of humour.

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