Is Pete Being Sneaky?

Anti-Gay Activist Says White House Supports ENDA

While we’re on the subject of sneaky politics…

Social conservative nut job Peter LaBarbera claims the White House helped draft the most recent incarnation of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act…

Via Americans For “Truth”:

…A White House official has boasted to pro-family leaders attending a private Administration briefing that White House staffers were involved in the negotiations to craft expanded religious exemption language for the new ENDA bill, H.R. 3685
At the briefing, the White House official did not commit to the assembled evangelical leaders that the President would veto H.R. 3685, saying that they will wait to see the bill’s final language, according to our source. This is troubling in that vetoing ENDA in any form is regarded as a “no-brainer” by pro-family activists, who are counting on Bush to stop it. Failure to veto ENDA would be a devastating defeat for pro-family forces and a huge gift to homosexual lobbyists.

LaBarbera, of course, implores his flock to call President Bush and urge him to veto, as he’s promised.

Joe of Joe.My.God fame, meanwhile, wonders if Pete’s up to no good, but stays optimistic: “This could be a mere “man the barricades!” ploy… But in this case, let’s hope he’s right.”