Anti-Gay Activist Casts Horrifyingly Offensive Post-Obama Report

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Oh, dead God! Right-wing activist Janet Porter took it upon herself to cast this panic-driven “news report” from the dark, bleak post-Obama inauguration America.

Touching upon all the conservative talking points, Porter envisions a future in which Middle Eastern nations celebrate the ascent of President Barack Obama, former “domestic terrorist” William Ayers has been named head of Homeland Security and abortions are given away like candy. Says Porter, “The only thing left of the abortion agenda not yet accomplished is the forced abortion policy of China.” Disgusting.

And, yes, the gays are running amok and closer still to snatching all the nation’s orphaned children:

As promised, President Obama also overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, which was signed by President Bill Clinton. This is sure to spread homosexual marriage not just in Massachusetts, California and Connecticut, but to states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado. President Obama, as he said during the campaign, opposes any efforts to protect marriage by state amendment. He also made good on his campaign promise to use the bully pulpit of the White House to place vulnerable orphan children in the homes of homosexual activists who demanded it during their Gay Pride Parade.

Porter and her pals originally posted the video on YouTube, but it’s been removed. Good thing Good As You snatched the code and spread it around for all of us to see and, hopefully, ridicule.